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Mom will think I've switched.
Hollywood, you're a genius!
I am? Yes!
Okay, we need to make a list.
Fire away.
30 feet of black nylon cord....
Sounds like my kind of list.
Easy, sugar. Okay....
You personally vouch for this guy?
He's worked at Prince and Company
for 15 years.
I think he'll be just fine.
He's an imbecile, but....
This is him.
Felix, come in. This is Mr. B.J. Wert.
Mr. Wert, sir!
It's fine.
Felix, there are hundreds of mannequins
at Prince and Company.
Will you be able to identify the one...
...Jonathan Switcher has
a romantic interest in?
Absolutely, sir.
I never forget a name or a face, Mr. Nertz.
Felix, we need your help,
and if you succeed...
...you will have a cushy new job
right here at Illustra.
We want to get Switcher's mannequin...
...out of the store
and bring her here, secretly...
...of course.
A covert operation.
I would be happy and proud
to lead this mission, sir!
It's the most beautiful
window I've ever seen.
It's all you.
-Not this time.
-Every time.
You're part of me now. I got you in here.
Come on. You ready to go?
Are you sure you wanna do this?
Absolutely. You've been
cooped up in that store too long.
Besides, who cares what people think?
Just put your arms around me
and hold on tight.
With pleasure.
Look, Jonathan,
I know about your problem.
What problem?
You're riding with a mannequin
on the back of your motorcycle.
What is wrong with this picture?
Right, you two haven't met.
Roxie, this is Emmy. Emmy, Roxie.
Nice to meet....
My God, what am I saying?
I wanna give you one last chance.
Now, come to Illustra!
What is in this for you, Roxie?
An office with a view?
I don't need Illustra or you.
I got friends here, people who care...
...and someone who
makes me feel good about myself.
Bye, Roxie.
You'll be sorry!
You're making a big mistake!
He's out of his mind! B.J. was right.
When I get that dummy,
I'm gonna tear her hair out!
You know what you need to do right now?
You need to put him and this whole
nasty affair out of your mind.
Now, how is the best way to do that?
By having a night of distasteable sex...
...with someone that you care
absolutely nothing about.
And proudly, I would like to be that person.
Fine, let's just go to your place.
Drive fast before I have second thoughts!
Armand is the wind!
Mr. Richards,
you'd better put some camouflage on, sir.
I am not going to put
shoe polish on my face, thank you.
Now, could we please get into the store,
Yes, sir.
Look at him with a dummy!
Who are you to criticize?
It's him! It's her! That little prevert!
He's stealing her before we can!
Don't do anything rash!
We'll follow them,
and at the right moment, grab her.
Don't worry, Mr. Richards,
I'm an expert at surveillance.
Hang on!
Where'd he go?
That way.
That is it!
No more of this surveillance crap.
Capt. Felix Maxwell...
...takes this from no mannequin!
Get us out of here
before he gets out of the car!
Watch out!
Hang on!
You're finished, Switcher!
You may as well hang up
your jockey strap!
Let me go! No, Mr. Richards! No!
-Be careful, you maniac!
-I know!
This is for you, Rambo.
We got him!
-I want to get out.
I don't understand it.
This never happened to Armand before.
It must be you. You're so cold.
You're so unfeeling.
Where can I get a mannequin, too?
What are you thinking about?
The window.
Turned out pretty didn't it?
It was breathtaking.
...Ema Hesire...
...you inspire me.
I feel like I could do anything.
Windows are only the start.
I think we could design an entire city.
No one takes the time to build things
that have character and dignity.
People need that.
We could give it to them.
I love you, Emmy.
I love you, too, Jonathan.
I better get into the window.
That peckerhead doubled back on me.
I saw his motorcycle out front.

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