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Must be nice having your own limo.
Go from any funeral right to dinner.
This job at Illustra
is destroying your sense of humor.
You gotta quit.
I'm not the one that can't deal with reality.
Reality is very disappointing.
I really do care about you.
But I think if we sleep together tonight,
we'd only confuse things.
I think you should see a professional.
Professional? You mean a hooker?
No, a psychiatrist.
I can't afford a psychiatrist.
Then call one of those shrinks on the radio.
They're only good for little problems
that fit between commercials.
Good night.
My God! It's you!
I wanted to take you,
but they wouldn't let me.
You're the first thing I've created
in a really long time...
...that made me feel like an artist.
See you tomorrow.
Good morning! What a gentleman.
They're putting up the sign!
How fun!
It's a skosh crooked.
Isn't this exciting!
A customer lined up to get into our store.
-Tell me, do you like our new sign?
-It's very nice.
-You've really been here 100 years?
-Not personally, but the store, yes.
It was built by my grandfather,
Tough Teddy Prince.
My father ran it
until he passed away recently.
I'm sorry.
He was very old.
And he died the way he wanted to.
In women's lingerie.
Pardon me?
Heart attack,
walking through the women's department.
They don't have that sign quite right yet.
-Look out!
-Sorry, man.
Watch yourself!
I got it!
Young man, I'm sorry!
No, that's no problem!
-lf I can make it up to you in any way.
-Yeah! I could use a job!
-What do you do?
-When can you start?
-As soon as I finish this!
-Young man, what's your name?
-My name? Jonathan Switcher.
You're hired!
Thank you! My lucky day.
Every time I walk through these doors,
I feel like I'm home.
I practically grew up here.
Greta Garbo used to get
her makeup right over there.
Of course, you probably don't know
who Greta Garbo is.
Sure, I do. Ninotchka, Grand Hotel.
I don't sleep much at night.
Neither do I.
At least, not in the two weeks
since I've been in charge here.
I don't know how we're going to make
this store great again.
Looks fine to me. What time do we open?
We are open.
I'm sure things'll pick up by lunch.
Yes, B.J....
It's all going according to plan.
It's like a ghost ship around here.
They're gonna be begging
to sell this place within a month.
No, Timkin is no threat.
B.J., she's here.
Mr. Richards.
Do you know
what this young man just did?
-He saved my life!
Those incompetents you hired
nearly got me killed.
If I were paranoid,
I'd swear this was sabotage.
It's not as if I was turning away
Harvard graduates.
If you know someone
you feel is qualified to work here....
Yes! Jonathan Switcher.
Let's show him our gratitude.
$5 should do it.
No! I want you to give him a job.
Take good care of him.
Thank you.
What kind of work experience
have you had?
I've had just about every job there is.
Briefly, I'd like to do something creative.
Maybe with, say, mannequins.
Please. Listen, I pride myself
on being able to size up a job applicant...
...and see just what kind
of executive potential he has.
I have just the job for you.
So, you got a new job.
That's terrific. What is it?
Let's just say that thousands of dollars
of merchandise...
...go through my hands every day.
I'm taking you out for a celebration dinner.
-All those panties, up to lingerie.
-Panties. I'm into it.
-Did you say panties?
Can't talk now. Pick you up at 8:00.
-See you then.
I've seen him pick you up.
That little pissant!
You can't tell me
that he's satisfying you sexually.
That's none of your business.
I would like to make it my business.
I would love to sink
my teeth into your little bottom.
Did Armand say something bad?
Forgive me.
English and me, it's new.
My tongue, it slides.
Look, our relationship is strictly business!
-You got that?


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