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Манекен в движении

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she has found true love?
I want,
see that guy down there?
I want to kill him.
I want to hurt him and I want to
eliminate him, NOW. GO! NOW!
No one, no one is
mess with Count Spretzzel!
And his love life.
No! No! What are you doing?
No one is mess with
Count Spretzzel.
I'll shoot you,I'll shoot you, not
through mouth, not through eye
but through the heart.
- No, not a trace.
I thought Cupid aimed
for the heart.
I'll get you this time
my little sweety pie.
What the...?
- Hit the deck!
I learnt this on the marine.
You were in the marines?
- Yes. They were looking for
a few good men.
So was I.
Ok. We better split up.
- Where have I heard that before?
Get down, honey! Get down!
It's down.
Take the second floor.
I'll take the floor.
There he is!
What a fit!
And no wrinkles.
It's poliester.
- Poliester.
What plant is that from?
- Umm...
The New Jersey one.
Will this be cash or charge?
Who uses cash these days?
- Jason!
- Slaught him!
I'll be right back.
This time we'll really kill him.
Jason, come on!
Aaaa! Stop her!
Are you ok? I never tought I'll
see you alive again.
What? - I said I never
thought see you alive again.
I can't hear!
Look out!
Keep going!
Keep going!
Get out! Get out!
- Hold on!
You're OK?
- Look out for the window!
Throw out of the window?
- No! No!
- Jesse!
I can't stop it!
- Use the breaks!
Next to pedals!
Jesse! Look out!
Hey! Hey! Come on!
To the store!
Whats was happening.
What the hack is going on here?
Find that boy has stolen the
enchanted peasant girl!
Montrows! Montrows!
Your new assistent - where is he?
Lets go.
Wait! Wait! Wait
one minute.
We are going to follow fancy boy.
Get me out of this armour!
She has great
sense of direction!
Look your mother gave me
all these peoples lives!
Jesse. I was scared I was never
gonna see you again.
My love was stolen once before, but it's
never gonna happen again.
Nothing will become between us.
Could you do that again, please?
Where did all this
furniture come from?
It's my gift to you.
- You bought it?
With little magic card.
Ok. Look, we have to
get out of here.
We gotta go out of here.
- Wait! wait!
Where we going?
- Anywhere, we just have to get out of here.
Wait. I love you.
What is that?
It's too late.
Just stay here. OK?
Don't worry.
- Just don't,
- Ok, just...just...
Jason! He is comming!
- What's going on? - Where is she?
That is him. The peasant
girl must be here.
You are in big trouble, pal.
Search this house.
- Check out the back.
Nobody escape me.
I will look up the stairs.
Hey, no! You can't get up there!
Don't ever, ever,
touch the Count, OK?
If I wanna go up the stairs,
I go up stairs.
My feel is go up
the stairs now.
You have the right remain silent.
Anything you say can be used...
It's you!
Don't be afraid to use the gun.
You can't threaten my son!
Is everything allright?
Everything is just perfect.
- Sorcerer!
Oh, my little sweety pie.
You have to come with me, because...
We must fullfill our destiny.
I love Jason. You can't make
me go with you.
Here now.
My lovely...
You've been stealing
furniture from us. Shame!
I didn't steal it.
She bought it for me.
Who? The enchanted peasant girl?
- Yes.
You are sort of a psycho.
And I think I even gave you my flower.
Oh, look. There's your mains queez.
Jesse! Come on! Let her go!
She's real! I swear!
Oh, my God!
He's in love with a dummy!
Wait, wait, honey. I will do that.
- Ok. We have what we come, right?
Now. To the airport. Quick!
Just one little minute. Count, we have
presentation tomorrow afternoon.
I know that, but...
And we have a contract that
you are not going to break.
I know that, but...
Grab the dummy!
The other dummy.
Easy! Easy! Easy!
- Allright. It's allright
Must be very, very gentle.
That's it! That's it what it use it!
Take the necklace off! She's real,
Манекен в движении Манекен в движении

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