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Манекен в движении

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Oh, thank you.
That's smell reminds my
on my old friend Inga
Poor, poor Inga.
What happened to her?
- She was eaten by a boar.
Wel, oh, you know Jason.
Jason? Oh, yes. He let
me sleep in bad last night.
He did? Oh, well...
If you don't mind asking,
how was it?
- Wonderfull.
He showed me things I never
would imagined in a thousand years.
I must go find him.
Wanna to take that wart out of
his face and make him eat it.
He could be anywhere. Hey!
You, fancy guy! What do you
do with that necklace?
This is property of
Hauptmann Koenig.
And they are not for
you to play.
Dress her and go.
- And if we ever
ever catch you...
The girl is gone again.
What have you done with her?
Just let mi figure out
what am I doing on the floor.
And I'll get back to you. Ok?
The necklace is here,
but the enchanted peasant
girl is gone.
You don't think this really is something
to curse thing. - Is it true?
We have blown our trip to Bermuda!
- Bermuda!
We must tell to the count.
- Egon.
You tell him.
You are hurting me.
That's my earing.
Phone call for Count Sprietzell.
Please pick up any customer phone.
That's good.
- Count Spretzel,
Hello, you're just my
Shut up, Spretzzel!
I've been looking for you.
Here I am, your
Queen of Greatness.
I told you I didn't want
city publicity tour.
Specially now, when the
weather is so beautifull.
Also, somone has stolen our
precious crown jewel, Spretzzel.
Heads will roll,
do you hear me?
Your and those IDIOTS
you have brought with you.
Your Majesty, I am sorry, I can't,...
...our connection is...
- Are you listening to me?
...fadding your Majesty.
It's fadding...
It's fadding away.
I can't hear you anymore.
Your breast smell like...
Dear Count, your enchanted
peasant girl is...
is missing
Please, do not hit us.
Find her NOW!
You know, we can make your
home looked just as nice.
I dont have a home.
- Oh.
It's been nice talking to you.
My friend Jason would love
furniture like this.
Meow! Hello, again!
This is his picture.
His picture? Yes.
Well, yes.
He looks like he could use
really nice furniture.
But, I have no silver.
Oh, nobody uses cash anymore.
We'll just put it on
his employee accounts.
What exactly do you want
and where would you like?
Oh, it must be soon.
I don't know how much
longer I'll stay alive.
Ah. Too bad.
Well, I have delivery date
this morning.
Oh, good.
- We can have deliver then? And,
who knows - you may
still be alive.
It must be from something I ate.
No more sushi at 3:00 A.M.
What's the matter, Holly?
Not sure about it, man.
I'm just not sure.
I just get back to my trip to Ozz.
- Where is Jesse?
I don't know.
- What do you mean you don't know.
She was here. And when I got back
from Wonderland, she was gone.
Find her. She can be in a trouble!
Hold on! You said you wanted to tell me
about last night. What happened?
She came to life.She was alive.
It's all curse thing it's true...
Can't explain. We...We ate.
We walked around.
We were dancing.
Now you thing I'm nuts.
- I Certainly don't!
This is happen before.
I believe you.
You do?
- Yes. And we better hurry up
and find her because those goody guys
are looking for her too. Come on!
I can't believe it!
Arnold! Egon!
Come here!
Look! The girl!
She's alive! She's moving!
It's impossible!
- Yes. It's her!
She know us.
Come! Go!
Is that for sure?
Can I help you?
Could you make me
look different?
Funny. We can change
your whole life.
No no no. It is...
It is HIM!
It is him. I knew I know
that guy some place.
It is Prince William
cursed the ages!
Her Count! Count Spretzzel!
Count Spretzzel,
she's come to life.
The enchanted peasant
girl's alive.
That is impossible!
It can't be noch!
She'll be mine tomorrow,
calculating precisely,
you know, the exact moment.
Someone has removed her necklace.
Манекен в движении Манекен в движении

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