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Манекен в движении

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not good enough for you.
You have made all in just past weeks,
and all she has done is
to ignore you. She omited you,
and treated like dirt on the ground.
So what do you think?
To buy chocolate or something?
Jewelry, baby. Jewelry.
- Jewelry?
Yeah. What kind?
- There is one kind, Andy.
But, Andy. I think you
should ignore her.
That always seems to
work best.
Play hard to get.
Thanks old boy.
Now I can count on you!
- Oh, Andy,...
And, when you get a chance, I think
you need to visit a Minister of Style.
Oh, umm, Montrows,...
the Count is here to
preview the display.
Well, I'm not superstitious, but are you
should suppose to be at the day light?
Get back.
Hollywood really is genius. He designed
for "Prince&Comp." map.
In fact, he's responsible for...
- I dont care.
About these nose hair.
He's nothing.
- Well, it hurts.
I want to see enchanted
peasant girl.
Right this way, your
Did he say...?
- He said...
This room is A total mess.
- Ah. That's OK.
You know, Count,
You should try lighten' up.
Not thinking so seriously.
Learn to enjoy life for
She's gone!
- Where is she?
Where is she???
Parry? Patty?
Search the store!
We must found her.
And if we don't found her...
I will personally
chop off you hands and
for the rest of your life
in the dark room with...rats.
Big ugly rats! And that
is scaring, believe me.
Hold the rats, Your
Here she comes.
Jason? Come on.
Excuse me.
Why you...?
Why you dress her in this?
In these vulgar cloth, a?
- Trash!
It's absolute trash!
Wait, just a second.
from our exclusive junior Miss
designer collection.
- Plugging our stores merchandise.
Well done, Williamson!
You are like the son
I never had.
And I really never wanted.
This is insult of
my entire kingdom.
She is not to be
touched. Again.
shall met
before some place, not,
maybe yes?
I think I would remembered.
Well, lets get bussy.
We have presentation.
Yes, perhaps you should
see the rest of the store?
No. No, I would like to be alone
here for a moment, please.
You heard what the Count said.
Everybody to get out!
Oh, my darling.
My darling, very soon,...
very soon you'll be alive.
I wait for that moment as...
as that's the greatest day in
one thousend year.
Get out of the way.
Well, he's a real charmer.
Probably goes fangs at night.
Would you like a cappuccino?
No, thanks.
- I better get to work.
I don't know what
happened last night.
I don't even know
if you are real.
If you can hear me,
I want you to come back.
I need you to
come back, Jesse.
Oh he's in love.
Who is Jesse?
Oh, Jason.
Hear that?
Oh. Now, we do not fall in love in empty
things unless, of course,
that dad is a rich.
And in this case her dad is
a dead wood, so forget about it.
But last night,...the most
amazing thing happened.
Nah. Forget it.
Nothing happened.
Ok, well, in that case, why don't
you run down to store wardrobe
and get the rest of wardrobe. Someone
is got a glimps on this presentation.
You little. What have you
done with my protйgй?
I tell you what.
You let me borrow this
fierce necklace,...
and all is forgiven.
Oh me, oh my, I am in loved
with you, baby.
How got I back in here?
What's that?
Who's there?
Are you looking at me?
Are you looking at me?
Must be. There's no one
else here.
Get back body De Niro.
Look at me.
How about this one?
Oh, I like it!
Hey! Look at this one!
Ah that's nice.
Good at you eyes. Ja
- Hallo.
All you look very cute.
Come here. Come on.
Come, come here.
We are something, ha?
- Oh, you are really, really somthing. Yes.
Really something, ha.
I want to take hat...
and put right over your face.
You !dots! idots! Idots!
Now get out of here.
And go guard the girl.
Would you like to
try Black Force Two?
It's Hauptman Koenig special.
Манекен в движении Манекен в движении

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