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Манекен в движении

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Pretty. May I present
Hollywood Montrows,
our chief of visual merchandising
and an artist in ever sence of the word.
He, is the gentlemen,
who is in charge of display.
Did he put
with his hands
on my statue?
Listen. Have you ever thought
about putting a few african beads
It would be
absolutely smashing.
Just a suggestion.
Count Spretzzel, I think
you'll be pleased,
at our handling
of your presentation.
Are you promise, that this will
bring a tension to my country?
National publicity?
- Good.
Because my tourism, you know...
Income is down slightly.
We,...I don't know,
we cross maybe,..umm
$52 and some change last year.
We would like to get addapt to maybe,
I don't know, 3 digits next time.
Why do not charge it?
Just see that face.
What did he say?
He said, he has such
admiration for you grace.
Well, that's ok.
- Good. Well your car is waiting.
It's...It's waiting.
Hollywood, just walk fast.
I have importang meeting to go.
The Hair!
Are my accomodation's ready?
Oh, ja. The very best in the city.
Take us to the IMCA.
And step on it!
Sleepers! Wow!
Look at all the colors!
Something's never change.
OK. Stand right there.
Close your eyes.
Thats good.
Turn around.
Ok. Open your eyes.
Get me out of the box!
-Shhh. It's ok. It's ok.
She's fine. She's little
the Cheese Day.
You are ok.
See, you are out of the box.
I am sorry.
Sorry. - You saved my
life. I'm so lucky.
Oh yeah. Guess we
are both pretty lucky.
Come on.
Yeah, yeah. Come on here.
Nice to see you again.
Oh, the crab do.That's good fellows.
Come on and have a good time.
Oh definitely. Definitely!
Your boyfriend still in prison?
-Yeah. - Good.
No, no, no, no. You go on.
Look, just do as your friend.
You took a bus from New Jersey?
Get out from 'ere.
Loose your boyfriend.
You are in, dark.
My turning.
- Step off Junior.
Let's go in here!
Oh, this...This is most
exclusive club in the city.
I've tried to get in
till it's opened.
No way!
- Just too bad. Just for royalty, ha?
He, hey, hey, Goldenhair.
Come here.
Girl where have you been all my life?
Come on here.
Come on here.
- Yeah. Come on here.
Hey! You and me
dance little later.
Hey! What's this?
Prime Night?
Take a high.
I hate Taff Tuff.
I have to go in the trees.
The...The trees?
- You know. Some place, private.
The Ladies room. Here.
It's right over here.
Thank you.
- I mean,...I'm stay here.
That's really beautifull.
Passion pink.
All guys love it.
You wanna try?
Thank you.
Look. You have to
turn it. Like this.
Did you make that?
- You never tried stick before?
Well, you put it on
you pat it on your lips,
and you do like this.
Oh, yeah. Everything's just fine.
Still here.
And what about...
you know who?
- Who?
The enchanted peasant
girl, you idiot.
That's who.
- Oh, ja.
Is she safe?
- Ja. Yes, sir.
Ja, that's good.
It seem my plan is working.
We have successed to get her and
the jewels out of Hauptmann Koenig.
In a few weeks,
will be of to...Bermuda.
- Never to return to that ...
queen and that hamlet
of country again.
What country is that?
Hauptmann H..H..Hoenig
Sorry, honey. But bartender's
never heard of yack's milk.
So I brought to you
Peppsi, instead.
You wanna?
- Yes, thanks.
It's diet soda. No calories,
no sugar, no caffeine.
Yes, we have something
like that call water.
This is easier to find.
Climb up this place.
Ummm...do you...
do you wanna dance?
I'd love to.
Alright! Let's go.
Hi handsom!
He's cute.
Hello, beauty.
- Hello.
Are you a general? - I'm another
republic. You wanna dance, baby?
I already have a man.
Come on! Move your feet!
That's it.
Are you under
some kind of spell?
Come on Jesse. Follow me.
- I am trying.
Wait! Wait!
That's not dancing!
That's not dancing!
This is dancing.
I've danced alone
Манекен в движении Манекен в движении

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