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Манекен в движении

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Legend is true!
What legend?
Umm, that sorcerer guy,
he put a curse on you.
You've...been frozen
for thousend years.
Oh, my Prince William's always joking.
- Yeah.
I'm not kidding.
This is 20th Century.
- Yeah. Umm...
Bet you've never seen one
of these before?
Sure I have.
Those are jester shoes.
Jester shoes...
Ummm, hey!
How 'bout one of these?
- No. I'm not sure.
I guess, she's real.
- Nothing.
The Count will have us
in tar and feather.
Then he will torture us.
No no no no.
Just lie still.
You're ok?
I love you.
I am Jason
of german town P.A.
I am not the prince.
I don't care.
Still live you.
You're still in the shock.
Forever and ever...
I don't even know you.
Yes you do..
You just haven't realized yet.
You really do love me, don't you?
More then anyone is going
to in your whole life.
It's you.
Who is that?
- What is this place?
It's him.
The guy from the river.
What have you done with
the enchanted peasant girl?
You guys are not suppose
to be back in here.
I'm gonna have to call the security.
There she is.
That was the close one.
Not a word of this
to the Count.
We don't want to get him upset.
Ja, ja, ja. If we don't go to the airport,
to greet him, he will be upset.
Guys, you know...
You...She's just gonna be ok here.
I mean, we lock this
up at night, and
it's very safe.
- Ok, good. Lets go!
Lovely fellow.
Who were they?
DON'T do that anymore.
What did they want with me?
You're a national treasure.
Those are your personal guards.
I don't like them very much.
Whats that noise?
It's my stomach.
I haven't eaten for thousend years.
Come one, I know great place
near where we can go to eat.
Oh, good. Do they
have boiled weasel?
You won't be able to tell
the difference.
And first thing we need to do is
get you something to wear.
Do you remember this?
Sure. It's your necklace.
Hello! Hello!
So much fun!
The lights are beautiful!
Little person blinky,
then you can walk?
I love car! I love electricity!
I love America!
How does it all work?
thats gonna take a little
longer to explain.
Here you go...
What do you think?
Is it better then weasel?
It's not as salty, but it's good.
It's best meal I had
in a thousend years.
I will probably stay with
you in other thousend too.
What's the crunchy stuff?
Not suppose to be
any crunchy stuff.
It's a paper.
You..you're eating the wrapper.
You don't need to chaw white stuff.
It's good.Try it.
- No.
Listen. You, know, gonna
need the place to stay.
I was thinking, you are welcome
to stay at my house, really.
I mean, no catch. You'll need
adress for Green Card, for job or...
What do you like to do?
Well, at first,..
I wanted to be shepherd.
Then, everytime i got the sheep,
I was sneezed.
So, then I tried weaving.
And I can read,
in entire blanket.
In 17 months.
- That's pretty fast.
That's amazing!
Can I ask you something?
Are you betroth?
Well, I was gonna tell you.
There is someone
I've been seeing.
I will introduce to you, ok?
Harriette? Harriette, this is Jesse.
Jesse, this is Harriette, please.
Don't embarrace me.
No, No!
It's not what you are thinking.
You are so suspicious.
She is terrible.
No. I'm...I'm...
not betroth to anybody.
Allright, people!
Give me an H!
Give me an A!
People, where is
your enthusiasm?
Everybody to move!
Get out of the way!
- Move! Move!
Give me an H!
- Give me an A!
Give me an U!
Count Gunther Spretzzel
from Hauptmann Koenig,...
May I say, what a pleasure is this to...
on behalf of...
...on behalf of "Prince and a...
Why? What are you look at?
Nothing! Absolutely.
Nothing! Sorry!
...of behalf of
... "Prince & Co". May I say what a
pleasure is to have you hair.
Wart! Here!
It's a pleasure to
have you...
Манекен в движении Манекен в движении

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