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Манекен в движении

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Relax, man, I'm not the director.
Is there someone I can talk to
who will give me a little respect here?
I doubt it.
Thanks a lot. Gotta bail.
Hey, any time. Any time you want the job.
Good luck.
- Oh, careful!
- Careful!
Ladies and
gentlemen, the show is about to begin.
I must say, I did not think
that you could pull this off.
It is very, very dignified.
Well, thank you, sir.
When it comes to dignity, I am the master.
Yes, fine.
Then you will reach perfection
when you zip up your fly.
I'm just kidding. It's a Count Spretzle joke.
Is everything in readiness
for our immediate departure?
- Transportation has been arranged.
- Very good. Very good indeed. Very good.
I don't know if you can hear me or not,
but if you can,
I want you to take
very good care of Jason.
He's a prime catch,
and you are a very, very lucky mannequin.
Hey, hey. Who are you talking to?
Just wishing her luck.
She's the star of the show, you know.
What are you doing here?
You're 10 minutes late.
- I just love all that hair.
- Why, thank you. Here, it's yours.
It's the wrong style, honey.
Do you really think
we're gonna pull this off?
Of course, mi amigo. You better get going.
Come on, girls.
Less than a minute. Let's go.
The lights. The excitement.
Showbiz is my life.
Oh, excuse me.
I'm Muriel Dawn Williamson.
You. You call this dignified?
Well, I think it's kind of hip
in a rad sort of way.
There she goes! There she goes!
Come on, baby.
Once upon a time
a peasant girl was victim of a crime
Was frozen ever since
she dared to love the handsome prince
Is that so wrong?
But, alas, a thousand years have passed
since that spell from hell had been cast
Where is she?
Today, my friends, that spell will end
There she comes!
There she comes!
Ladies and gentlemen,
Prince and Company is proud to present
our beloved enchanted peasant girl.
And here to free her forever
with the kiss of life,
the prince.
That's my kid.
Stop this music!
Stop this nonsense!
I will not. I will not let it continue!
- Count Spretzle...
- No one, no one treats my culture like this.
Someone stop this fool
before I strike him with this microphone.
He's about to ruin my presentation.
- Get him out of here!
- Let's go.
Go ahead, laugh.
Laugh and have fun,
my little stupid Americans.
Boo to you, too. Boo.
Because this party is now over.
And I am taking my peasant girl
and getting out of here.
Unhand that damsel.
I command you to step aside.
Are you kidding me or what?
She belong to me.
She is a living soul. She belongs to no one.
Then we will settle this like men.
Come on, Jason. For love and honor!
Come on, Count.
For money and Bermuda!
Shut up.
I come from a long line of fencers.
I have royal Bavarian blood.
Which I will be happy to shed!
I wait 1,000 year for this moment,
and no pipsqueak like you
is going to interfere with that destiny.
Looks so painful.
- Jason.
- Everything's gonna be okay.
Come on, you've got to be kidding.
That's not fair.
So I cheat. Sue me!
This is my store,
my presentation and career. How dare...
I'm in trouble. Get a doctor, on the double.
"I'm in trouble.
Get a doctor, on the double. "
Stop it! Stop it!
"Stop it! Stop it!"
This fairy tale's gone far enough, huh?
- Come here, my dear.
- No!
No? Look! Look! Look! Look!
Look! Look at this! No! Come here!
Don't you move. You move. Come on.
That's it.
Nobody move.
Come on.
He's not getting away with this.
- I'm right behind you.
Come on. Come on.
- Let me go!
- You want me to use necklace again?
Get out of the way! Get out of the way!
Keep them back! Keep them back!
Keep them back!
- I'll take the one on the right.
- Come on.
- Come on. Come on.
- I'll take them.
Gentlemen, leave them to me.
- Oh, my eyes.
Манекен в движении Манекен в движении

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