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Манекен в движении

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help you check in.
Thanks. I am suppose to -
report to Mr. James.
Do you know ...
Oh, boy.
As the shipment arrives from
Hauptmann Koening, -
Comming in this afternoon.
Not good enough.
I want it this morning.
That's impossible, sir.
- Nothing is impossible.
Impossible - is a dirty,
dirty word.
- Pardon me?
I smell -
Dust your counter.
Make a show place
of the workplace.
Make a show place
of the workplace.
I wanna major employee
to airport tonight.
This whole event is hitch.
Otherwise, heads
will roll.
He's not kidding.
That's him up there.
Mr James, I am so sorry.
It was an accident.
It will never happen again, I promise.
Excuse, Mr James?
- Not now.
An accident?
You destroyed a mannequen
store Howard.
You call that an accident?
Mr James?
- Not now.
What do you do,...
I work for Mr. Montrows, sir.
On the Hauptman Koenig presentation?
Mr. James?
Do you realize how important
that presentation is?
The Queen of Philadelphia
Society is gonna to be here.
The eyes...
of the entire city will be
on that presentation.
And on this store and on me.
Do you understand?
- Have you learnt your lesson?
Yes, sir.
Good. You're fired.
For best effect, deploy neglect.
Demand respect.
Deploy neglect.
Demand respect.
I,...I'm Jason Williams and I -
think I'm supposed to report to you.
I'm the new trainee.
Ah, well, lucky you.
Since we have open place
Mr. Montrows stuff.
Just because Hauptman Koenig
grab, it doesn't mean it have to be.
I'm going to the give life
to this presentation.
Remember, the password is "Princess".
Stop! Swing!
Do you remember
Miss Diana Ross
in the movie "Mahagony"?
Give me chick bones.
All give me deaf.
5 .. 6 .. 7 .. 8.
Mr. James is comming!
Mr. James is comming!
Bring down the curtains!
Montrows! Montrows!
I need to talk to you!
The Wizard's not here.
Go away. Go away.
Let me joke and kidding.
I'd like you to meet
a new assistant.
What happened
to Albert?
Albert, was a blemish on the face
in "Prince & comp." I fired him.
Just like you did to those
18 other assistents?
Guess its' not use of worring about
fashion plan around here, ha?
Ha, ha, ha! He's got a
sence of humor.
I like it. We can use
it around here.
No pickin'.
Why won't you let me see it?
- Because I'm an artist.
You wouldn't want to interrupt
the creative flow, won't you?
Montrows, this show...
will be elegant
and emule.
Got it? No crazy stuff.
You have my word.
The pursuit of excellence,
beginns with elegance.
The pursuit of excellence,
beginns with elegance.
I haven't been elegant and emule
since I graduated from finishing school.
She's pretty.
What is over enchanted
peasant girls stuff?
Oh, it's tipical old world tale.
Girl meets Prince.
Evil sorcerer turns girl into
wood for thousend years,
Lord knows how. Wouldn't go
becomes major turist attracts you?
Nah. It's pretty difficult already.
Would you like to try our new fragrances?
- No, thanks.
Tabue. A mysterious.
Hit me again Gale.
You never buy Hollywood.
- No, that is because I'm constantly evolving.
Put it right here Jason.
How about a gift for your girlfriend?
Oh, I don't have one.
So, you're looking?
Umm, for true love?
Yeah. Sure.
True love is like the Loch Ness monster.
Everyone has heard of it but
noone has ever seen it.
I have.
I don't know I think its some out there
for everyone.
I couldn't agree more.
You just have to follow your heart.
And your nose.
Oh, my, my, my...
Are we little coquette?
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but Jason,
I think that if you ask Gale out,
she will probably say yes.
Am I halucinating Gale?
Excuse me, I am beeping.
Put it right there, Jason.
Well...I...am free at Friday, Jason.
I am free too Gale.
Oh. Oh, I've rushed it.
I mean, looks like we are gonna
working here together, why don't just...
you know...
Манекен в движении Манекен в движении

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