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Манекен в движении

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me the bill.
Wow. This is a palace.
I love the 20th century.
This little painting looks so real.
It must have been done by a great artist.
It's a snapshot taken by my Uncle Bob.
That's my dad.
He... He passed away a couple of months
after that was taken.
You both have the same smile.
I wish I had a snapshot painting
of my family.
I miss them so much.
Yeah. I know what you mean.
You know, sometimes
I can picture myself back in your time.
A prince alone in a strange land,
armed only with my sword,
taking on the world for love.
- It's just a fantasy.
- No, you are a prince.
As great and valiant as there ever was.
I'm so glad I'm not alone anymore.
I'm never gonna leave you alone.
Good night.
Girl, there's so much
in this world that I'm sure of
But, girl, I believe
what I need now is your love
The way you touch me with your eyes
The way you heat me up inside
Is why I want you
And I want you to feel the way that I do
Like I do, like I do
I want you
And I want you to feel the way that I do
Like I do, like I do
Gotta say the words you've got
Of all the things that get me hot
That's why I want you
And I want you to feel the way that I do
Like I do, like I do
I want you
And I want you to feel the way that I do
Like I do, like I do
You, cooking? What's the occasion?
- I'm hungry.
- Uh-huh.
And, by the way, who's in the bathroom?
A friend. No questions, please.
I always respect your privacy.
- Did you sleep with this friend?
- No, I slept on the couch, thank you.
And, Mom,
thanks for respecting my privacy.
No problem.
- Where'd you meet her?
- At work.
She's a model.
Foreign, I think from Bavaria.
Bavaria. Oh, your father always claimed
to have royal Bavarian blood.
Of course, he also claimed
to be a Harvard graduate,
the only one who ever worked
at Abe's Fish Market.
- Did you ever hear of a Prince William?
- No, but I'd sure like to meet one.
- Am I gonna meet her?
- No.
That's my kid.
Good morning. Jessie.
Will you stop doing that?
I can't tell if you're kidding or not.
Oh, no.
Come on, Jessie. Come on.
You're real. Yes, you are.
Come on. Come on, baby. Come on.
Don't... Don't... Don't be a dummy now!
Come on, please.
You're so hard.
I'm talking to a dummy.
I was dancing with a dummy.
Breakfast. Come on, eat!
Oh, God.
Come on, honey.
Jason, what are you doing?
This is the girl
you brought home last night?
- It's not what you're thinking, Mom.
- And you want your own apartment.
I've danced alone a thousand times
To songs that no one else could even hear
Care for anything else?
- Either of you?
- No, thank you.
I've reached into the flame of love
I couldn't hold it
And it disappeared
Thank you.
Darling, I need the banner over here.
Yes, oh, that looks smashing, fellows.
You're doing a wonderful job.
- Hollywood, you got a second?
- Always have time for a man in uniform.
Yeah, how can I get Gail
over in Perfumes to notice me?
Well, now, Andy, I am flattered.
Of all the people here
at Prince and Company,
you've chosen counsel
from the Gangster of Love.
No one else had any ideas.
- Gail in Perfumes?
- Yeah.
Andy, she is not good enough for you.
You have made overtures
for the past few weeks
and all she has done is ignore you,
humiliate you and treat you
like so much dirt on the ground.
So, what do you think?
Buy her chocolates or something?
- Jewelry, baby. Jewelry.
- Jewelry. Yeah. What kind?
There is but one kind, Andy. Expensive.
But, Andy, I think you should ignore her.
That always seems to work best.
Play hard to get. Thanks, homeboy.
Knew I could count on you.
- Oh, Andy?
- Yeah.
And when you get a chance, I think
you need a visit with the Minister of Style.
Oh, Montrose, the Count is here
to preview the display.
Манекен в движении Манекен в движении

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