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Манекен в движении

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it's good.
It's the best meal I've had in 1,000 years.
It'll probably stay with you
for another thousand, too.
What's the crunchy stuff?
There's not supposed to be
any crunchy stuff.
That's the paper.
You're eating the wrapper.
You don't eat this outside, white stuff.
- It's good. Try it. It's good.
- No. Thanks.
Listen, you know,
you're gonna need a place to stay.
And I was thinking,
you're welcome to stay at my house.
Really. I mean, no strings attached.
You know, you'll need an address
for, like, a green card for a job.
What do you do? What do you like to do?
Well, at first I wanted to be a sheepherder.
But every time I got near the sheep,
I would sneeze.
So, then I tried weaving.
And I can weave an entire blanket
in 17 months.
- No!
- That's pretty fast.
That's amazing.
- Can I ask you something?
- Sure.
Are you betrothed?
Well, I'm just gonna tell you.
There is someone I've been seeing.
I'd like to introduce you to her, if it's okay.
Harriet. Harriet, this is Jessie.
Jessie, this is Harriet.
Please don't embarrass me in front of her.
No, no. It's not what you're thinking.
You are so suspicious. She's terrible.
And no, I'm not betrothed to anybody.
All right, people.
- Give me an "H"!
- Give me an "A."
- A.
People, where is your enthusiasm?
Everybody to move! Move!
- Get out of the way!
- Move! Move!
- Give me an "H"!
- Give me an "A"!
- Give me a "U".
- U.
Count Gunter Spretzle
of Hauptmann-Koenig.
May I say what a pleasure it is to...
On behalf of...
On behalf of Prince and Company...
What you look at?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Sorry.
On behalf of Prince and Company,
may I say what a pleasure it is
to have you hair.
Wart! Here!
It's a pleasure
to have you here.
- Count Spritzle...
- Spretzle.
May I present Hollywood Montrose,
our chief of visual merchandising
and an artist, in every sense of the word.
He is the gentleman
who is in charge of your display.
This peacock here
put his hands on my statue?
Listen, have you ever thought about
putting a few African trading beads
а la Bo Derek on that?
It would be absolutely smashing.
Just a suggestion. Ow!
Count Spretzle, I think you'll be pleased
at our handling of your presentation.
Good. And you promise that this
will bring attention to my country?
National publicity.
Good, because my tourism, you know,
income is down slightly. We...
Oh, I don't know, we gross maybe
$52 and change last year.
And we would like to get it up to maybe,
oh, I don't know, three figure next time.
Perhaps, you should charge
admission to see that face.
What he say?
He said he has such admiration
for Your Grace.
Well, that's okay.
Good. Well, your car is waiting.
It's waiting.
Hollywood, just walk fast.
I've got an important meeting to go to.
That hair!
Are my accommodations ready?
Oh, yeah, the very best in the city.
Take us to the YMCA, and step on it.
- Slippers! Wow! Look at all the colors.
- Some things never change.
Okay. All right, stand right here.
Close your eyes.
That's good. Turn around. Okay. Smile.
Okay. Open your eyes.
- Get me out of the box!
- Shh! It's okay.
She's fine. She's a little...
It's this cheese steak.
You're okay. Okay, look.
See, you're out of the box now.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- You saved my life. I'm so lucky.
- Yeah.
I guess we're both pretty lucky.
Come on.
Oh, yeah, yeah. Come on in.
Nice to see you again.
Oh, the crab dudes.
These dudes must be all right.
Come on in and have a good time.
Oh, definitely. Definitely. How you doing?
Your boyfriend still in prison?
- Good.
No, no, no, no. You go on.
Look, just join your friend.
What'd you all do?
Take the bus up from Jersey?
Get on out of here.
Hey, lose your boyfriend, you're in, darling.
- Bye, Tony.
- Step off, Junior.
Oh, let's go in here.
No, this is the most exclusive club
in the city.
I've been trying to get in
Манекен в движении Манекен в движении

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