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Манекен в движении

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a bed with those concrete shoes
It don't matter at all
Through the fire, on the ice
I've been knocked down once or twice
I've got something left to prove
Gonna prove it to you
You better wake up
'Cause my time is coming
And I'm running all the way
Wake up!
And start believing
Racing through
Racing through the night
Wake up!
- Oh, thank you.
- Hold it.
Start believing
Ooh, you better wake up
Wake up!
I like to get candids. Come with me.
Yeah, it might just be your ID badge,
but I try to capture
the essence of every Prince employee.
Here, sign this.
I'm Andy Ackerman, Security.
I don't miss much.
Hi, I'm Jason Williamson.
I guess you're wondering what
I'm doing with a steering wheel, right?
Steering wheel?
Oh, that. No, I assumed it was a key chain.
No. No, I just don't want my jeep stolen.
You don't have to worry about that
with me around here.
- Isn't that hair spray?
- Yeah. Well, I sort of flunked Mace class.
You blind one instructor,
- they make you wait six months.
- Yeah.
Oh, here. Don't lose this baby.
You can charge anything in the store
with it. 10єє off, too.
- Come with me. I'll help you check in.
- Thanks.
I'm supposed to report to a Mr. James.
- Do you know...
- Oh, boy. Yeah.
Has the shipment arrived
from Hauptmann-Koenig yet?
- It's coming in this afternoon.
- Not good enough.
- I want it this morning.
- That's impossible, sir.
Nothing is impossible.
"Lmpossible" is a dirty, dirty word.
- Dust.
- Pardon me?
I smell dust.
Dust your counter.
Make a showplace of the workplace.
"Make a showplace
of the workplace. "
I want a major employee turnout
at the airport tonight.
This whole event
has to go off without a hitch,
otherwise, heads will roll.
He's not kidding.
That's him right there.
Mr. James, I'm so sorry.
It was an accident.
It will never happen again, I promise.
- Excuse me, Mr. James?
- Not now.
An accident?
You destroy a mannequin
during store hours
and you call it an accident?
- Mr. James.
- Not now!
What do you do, Albert?
I work for Mr. Montrose, sir.
On the Hauptmann-Koenig presentation?
- Mr. James.
- Not now!
Do you realize
how important that presentation is?
The cream of Philadelphia society
is going to be here.
The eyes of the entire city
will be on that presentation
and on this store and on me.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
- And have you learned your lesson?
- Yes, sir.
Good. You're fired.
For best effect,
deplore neglect, demand respect.
"Deplore neglect, demand respect. "
I'm Jason Williamson.
I think I'm supposed to report to you.
I'm the new trainee.
Well, lucky you.
It seems we have an opening
on Mr. Montrose's staff.
Just because Hauptmann-Koenig is drab
does not mean that we have to be.
I'm going to breathe some life
into this presentation.
Remember, the password is pizzazz!
Stop! Wait!
Do you remember Miss Diana Ross
in the movie Mahogany?
Give me cheekbones, or give me death!
Five, six, seven, eight.
Mr. James is coming!
Mr. James is coming!
Scatter, children! Scatter!
Bring down the curtains!
Montrose. Montrose! I need to talk to you.
The Wizard's not here. Go away. Go away.
- Montrose!
- Laughing, joking, kidding.
I'd like you to meet your new assistant.
What happened to Albert?
Albert was a blemish
on the face of Prince and Company.
I fired him.
Just like you did
those 18 other assistants?
Guess there's no use in worrying
about the pension plan around here, huh?
He's got a sense of humor. I like that.
We can use that around here.
No peeking!
- Why won't you let me see it?
- Because I am an artiste.
You wouldn't want to interrupt
the creative flow, would you?
Montrose, this show
will be elegant and demure, won't it?
- No crazy stuff.
- You have my word.
The pursuit of excellence
begins with elegance.
Манекен в движении Манекен в движении

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