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Манекен в движении

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Is that so wrong?
But, alas, a thousand years has passed,
since that spell from hell
had been cast.
Where is she?
Today, my friends,
that spell again,...
Ladies and Gentlemen!
"Prince & Co" is proud
to presents:
Our beloved, enchanted peasant girl!
And, here to free her forever,
with kiss of life,
The Prince!
That's my kid!
Stop this music!
Stop this nonsence!
I will not...I will not
let it continue!
No one! No one treat my
culture like this!
- Ouch!
Someone stop this fool,
before I strike him with this mycrophone!
He is about to
ruin my presentation!
Get him out of here!
Let's go!
Go ahead! Laugh, laugh and have a
fun, my little stupid Americans.
Boo-hoo to you too. Because,
this party is now over.
And I am taking my peasant girl
and getting out of here!
Unhand that damesel!
I command you to
step aside.
Are you kidding me or what?
She belong to me.
She's a living soul.
She belongs to no one.
Then! We will settle this like a man!
Come on, Jason!
For love and honor!
Come on, Count!
For money and Bermuda!
Shut up!
I've come from a long line of offensers.
I have royal Bavarian blood.
Which I...will be happy..to shed!!!
As I wait, one thousand year
for this moment.
And no pitzquick like you
is going to interfere
with a destiny, ha.
Juste, ha!
Look so painfull.
- Everything is gonna be OK.
Come on... You must be kidding!
That's not fair!
So, I cheat!
Sue me!
This is my store! My presentation of
career! How dare you!
I'm in trouble!
Get the doctor on the double!
I'm in trouble!
Get the doctor on the double!
Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it! Stop it!
This fairy tales gone further enough, ha?
Come here, my dear.
- No! - No!
Look! Look!... Look at this!
Come here! Come on.
Don't you move!
You move!
Come on! That's it.
Nobody move.
Come on!
He's not going
away with this!
I'm just behind you!
Come on! Come on!
- Let me go!
Do you want necklace again?
Come on!
Gentlemen, get out of the away!
Want you come back!
Come back!
I'll take this right one!
- Come on!
Gentlemen, leave them to me!
That's extra firm hole too.
He's taking her to the roof.
Come on! Take the stairs!
Must we?
I'll watch the goons.
Down to your bellies. NOW.
Andy! Your so forcefull!
I do not believe it!
Let me go!
Why don't you take helicopter.
What you do?
I thought this will be
more romantic.
More romantic!?
Get out with you, idiot!
Stand aside!
Dancing strenghten the legs.
Stop it!
- Go ahead!
Make my day!
- Only one little gun!
Honey, I am from
North Philadelphia!
What do you doing?
- It stuck.
Stand back!
I'll take care of this.
- No, Hollywood.
This is my job.
You're not gonna take her to
Hauptmann Koenig, Spretzzel!
I won't alow it!
Let her go!
Hauptmann Koenig? That doubled You crazy!
We are on way to Bermuda!
Look out!
Allow me.
- No Jason for you.
I guess I win! Right?
That must be veeery painfull.
Nevertheless. We are finnaly
alone at last in this little baloon.
How about little...
Leave me alone!
Don't ever-ever,
resist a Count!
Yes, you want me!
- Stop it! Get away!
Spretzzel! You let her go!
Jason loves her!
Come one my princess, you must
learn to obeying me! - Stop it!
Not if I have anything
to say about it!
I can't do it.
Good. Good. That's very good.
Guess what? I can.
Let him go!
- Down my little prince, down you go.
Bye, bye, my little prince.
In one thousend years on the single day,
only a true love will make take the curse away.
Jason! It works!
Oh, no!
Count! I can't believe it!
We blowed up trip to Bermuda!
Wait! If we be put him back together,
and find him a true love,
he will becoming back to life.
Wait! Look out!
Get back!
My prince!
- My princess!
For ever!
- And ever.
And that was the Legend about
Count Spretzzel.
Of course, nobody
Манекен в движении Манекен в движении

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