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Манекен в движении

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I swear.
Take it off!
Yes. And I'm Rumpelstitkin.
No! No! It's true!
- Come on!
It's true. No one could make up such story
except, perheps, someone like myself?
And Count, please, don't worry about pretty
little wart...face about all this
We have some very large armed
gentlemen to guard her.
Tomorrow afternoon, she'll be all yours.
Thank you so much.
I never had this problem...
Too much red meat.
Come on.
All we have to do is wait
the end of presentation,
and they would hand us a...girl.
And it's...to Bermuda.
- Bermuda!
Shut up. Shut up.
Go go go ...
I am sorry, madam,
to have takken all your time.
Once again I'm holding the bat!
Oh. Nothing personal.
I'm here to pick one of man
and take him down town.
We are down town.
I mean down down town.
Way, way down.
He's gonna digging
trees for years.
Who are you?
- Step sergeant Mantrows, sir.
Butch Mantrows.
What do you want with the prisoner?
- He took the powder..how's the word?...
That's it.
He's gonna be at court at 25:00.
You got a name?
- Step sergeant Butch Mantrows.
Not yours. The prisoners.
Williamson, sir.
Jason Williamson.
The nuts with dummy?
- I know, it's sad, isn't it?
Hey, Al. Take this guy
down to the holding cell.
Give him 3 0 7. You know,
"the dummy kid".
Thank you, sir!
You didn't sign these.
So sorry.
Jason Williamson.
Gotta friend of yours here.
Williamson, follow me.
I hope this will works.
Let's moving.
Hold it right there!
Run, Jason!
Get back here!
- Stop right there!
So sorry!
The car!
- Stop!
- Come on.
What kind of kid did I rised?
You get cops on your tail.
Keep your head down!
I have to save her, Hollywood!
They are guarding her
like Fort Knox, but,
hold on, this old bosses ass
has a plan.
Sheila Barberstein and her sister.
- Sheilas father is marvelous guy.
Nice to see you.
Well, Count.
May I call you Gunther?
No, no.
Everything seems to be
going very smoothly.
Well, I hope that
it's stay that way.
Yes. Well I personaly intended
that everyt .. t ..
Oh, my God. "Tinorama", Philadelphia.
You know what that means?
We'll be swamp with teenagers.
It's terrible, sir.
- No, that's wonderfull, you tall twit.
Teenagers are consumers that
spend hard cash.
Take a memo: Mark everything at
junior department up to 10%.-15%.
I want to be sure that "Prince and Co."
banner will be prominently displayed on...
... will be prominently displayed on
screen at all time.
Relax, I'm not the director.
Is it someone I can talk to who will
give me a little respect here?
I doubt it.
Thanks a lot. Gotta vale.
Hey, anytime.
Anytime you want a job.
Good luck.
- Oh, carefull !!
Ladies and gentlemen,
the show is about to begin.
I must say: I did not think
that you could pull this off.
It is very, very dignified.
Well, thank you, sir.
When it comes to dignity,
I am the master.
Yes. Fine.
Then you reach perfection,
when you zapp up your fly.
I'm just kidding.
It's count Spretzzels joke.
Is everything in readyness for
a immediately departure?
Transplatation has been arranged.
- Very good. Very good indeed.
I don't know if you can hear me,
but, if you can,
I want you to care very
good at Jason.
He's a prime catch.
And you are very, very lucky...
- Hey. To whom are you talking to?
Just wishing her a luck.
She's the star of the
Show, you know.
What are you doing here.
You are 10 mins late...
Uuuu, I just love your hair!
Thank you.
Here. It's yours.
Wrong style, honey.
- Do you really think we can hold it all?
Of course me, amigo.
You'd better get going.
Come on, girls. Let's be
in a minute. Let's go!
Lights! The excitement!
Show business is my life.
Ah, excuse me.
I am Muriel Don Williamson.
You ... You call this dignified?
Well, I think it's Hipp, you know.
Once upon a time, a peasant
girl was victim of a crime.
Was frozen ever since,
she dared to love the handsome prince.
Манекен в движении Манекен в движении

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