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Малышка на миллион

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telling her.
The next was to fight
the British champ...
-...a Jamaican girl Billie just beat.
Not interested.
He turned that down too.
That's a lot of money, boss.
Yeah, you're making money.
What are you still working here for?
It's a title match, right?
Are you British?
It's a title you can't take away.
She's got nothing to lose,
you got nothing to win.
Might still be a good fight.
Yeah, I just-- I just brought you up
to welterweight.
Too good to fight these contenders,
you'd rather fight some bullshit champ?
Didn't notice I was fighting
any contenders.
Well, you can get yourself
another manager any time you want.
In fact, if you'd learn
to protect your face a little better...
...I wouldn't have
to turn down this money.
My face is out there so much it's a miracle
I haven't been knocked out yet.No, you can't work here
anymore tonight.
I made us a reservation.
You might wanna shower.
Here you go.
Here you go.
What's this?
Well, it ain't no big secret
what you're wishing for.
Go on and blow.
Thank you.
Thirty-three ain't so old.
I was still fighting at 39.
Fought for 23 years.
How's it going, Scrap?
Doing good, Mickey.
Doing good.
-What'll you have?
You two not speaking?
Don't hardly know him.
I met Frankie right after
my 37th birthday.
He was picking up cut work.
He used to patch me up
when I thought it was impossible.
Good man to have in your corner.
Yes, he is.
He stayed with me
through my last fight in San Berdu.
My manager was off
getting drunk somewhere...
...and it was just Frankie and me.
I was taking a hellacious beating.
Everybody's got a particular number
of fights in him.
Nobody tells you what that number is.
Mine was 109.
I just didn't want to admit it.
Fourth round, this...
...cut opens up.
Blood starts pouring into my eye.
They should've stopped the fight, but,
hell, I was a black man in San Berdu.
Blood was what I was there for.
Round after round, I kept getting
Frankie to patch me up.
He's talking about
throwing in the towel...
...but he ain't my manager,
he can't throw in nothing.
Round after round...
...he's arguing with me.
And I'm almost laughing because, hell,
it's getting more to him than to me.
I go 15 rounds...
...lose by decision.
Next morning, I lose the eye.
In 23 years, he's never said
a thing about it.
Doesn't have to. I can see it
in his face every time he looks at me.
...Frankie thinks he should've
stopped that fight...
...should've saved my eye.
Spends his life wishing he could
take back that 109th fight.
I wanted to go to 110.
Thing is...
...if you wanna get to the title...
...maybe he's not the one
to take you there.
You tell Mr. Mack we'd be here tonight?
You go on, eat your cupcake.
No, I got it.
It's the rule.
Always protect yourself.
People never take their own advice.
If she was gonna leave Frankie,
better she did it to him then.
Mr. Mickey Mack?
I'm Maggie Fitzgerald.
I hear you're a real good manager,
doing good things for Big Willie.
But I thought you should know
I ain't never leaving Mr. Dunn...
...so you don't need to make any more
excuses to bump into me.
Sorry for interrupting your dinner.
Maggie always did like
taking them out in the first round.
The letters always came back
marked the same way:
''Return to sender. ''
I'll make you some coffee.
What are you doing with your money?
-Saving it.
-Good girl.
You know, you save enough of it,
you ought to get yourself a little house.
cash, no mortgage.
Gonna be a while before I can do that.
Yeah, well, it might be a stretch...
...but you gotta get yourself
a place of your own.
Go around wasting it on things
that don't matter and what do you got?
You understand?
Pretty soon, you wait long enough,
you got nothing.
okay, soon as I get the money.
I made a lot of mistakes in my life. I'm just
trying to keep you from doing the same.
I know, boss.
-I'm not gonna live forever.
Малышка на миллион Малышка на миллион

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