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Малышка на миллион

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Damn woman won't do a thing I tell her.
You want my advice?
Where are your shoes?
I'm airing out my feet.
You got big holes in your socks.
oh, they're not that big.
Didn't I give you money
for some new ones?
These are my sleeping socks.
My feet like a little air at night.
How come you're wearing them
in the daytime, then?
Because my daytime socks
got too many holes in them.
Well, if I give you some more money,
you buy some new socks.
Well, I'd be tempted,
but I couldn't say for sure.
Might find its way to the track.
It's over. It's over.
Didn't take Maggie long
to hit her stride.
I got the breathing thing down.
No, you ain't breathing because you're
knocking them out in the first round.
-Thought that was the point.
-The point is to get good.
can't get good if you keep
knocking them out first round.
How am I gonna get you fights?
Nobody wants to see
their fighter embarrassed, now.
Why am I still doing
four-rounders, boss?
Because you haven't got the lungs
for six rounds.
I do if I keep knocking them out
in the first round.
Frankie made her fight
one more four-rounder...
...just to let her know who was boss.
Three, four, five...
...six, seven....
Sorry, boss.
Maggie left no doubt about it.
All right, let's do it.
Her first six-rounder
didn't go quite as smooth.
Get up!
To your corner.
-Three, four, five...
-Get up.
-...six, seven...
-Get up.
-...eight, nine, ten. It's over.
-You can do this.
Maggie didn't knock her out
till the end of the first round.
After that, no manager wanted
to put his fighter in with Maggie.
Frankie had to go into his pocket
to get her decent fights...
...sweetening the purse
by paying managers on the side.
That only worked for so long.
Then Frankie did something
he hated doing.
He took a chance.
He moved her up in class.
That could've been a mistake.
Watch the right!
Watch it. Watch it.
Break, break. Step back. Break. Time.
Damn, damn, damn.
Give us two seconds, will you?
-Just two seconds.
-Your nose is broke.
-oh, damn.
-Fix it.
-I can't, I can't.
-You can fix it.
-I can't. I've gotta call it.
I've seen what you can do. Fix it.
I can snap it back into place,
but I can't stop the bleeding.
The ring doctor's gonna call it.
Please, Frankie, if you
can stop the blood, I can beat her.
Bite down on this.
Breathe in.
-okay, huh?
-Yeah, it's okay.
All right, you got 20 seconds
before this turns into a geyser...
...and it's gonna spray
all over the front row.
Twenty seconds, that's all you've got.
Now get going.
Go to your corner.
Three, four, five...
-come on, breathe. Breathe.
-...six, seven, eight...
...nine, ten.
Mo cuishle.
-All right!
What you reading?
What's she saying?
Wants to know what you're reading.
It's Yeats. Keep your head back.
Why don't you talk
a little Yeats to her.
Show her what a treat that is.
When the hell they gonna get to her?
I'm okay, Frankie.
-What'd you learn tonight?
-Always protect myself.
-What's the rule?
-Always protect myself.
-Margaret Fitzgerald?
I'll be right here.
-How you doing?
-Yeah, you.
-I'm not the one who's hurt.
Broken nose don't hurt that much.
Why are you telling me that?
No reason.
But some wounds are too deep
or too close to the bone.
And no matter how hard you work at it,
you just can't stop the bleeding.
-Did you write your daughter?
-Every week.
I've no idea why you come to church.
After her 12th straight knockout,
Frankie got a couple of real good offers.
The first was to fight
Billie ''The Blue Bear'' Osterman...
...for the WBA welterweight title.
Billie ''The Blue Bear.''
Billie was a former prostitute
out of East Berlin.
Had a reputation for being
the dirtiest fighter in the ranks.
Didn't seem to matter to her...
...that something like that
could kill a person.
And the crowds loved her.
He turned it down
without even
Малышка на миллион Малышка на миллион

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