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Малышка на миллион

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Thank you.
So you wanna give this a try?
See if it's a fit?
-Yeah, sure.
Because I think you're ready for a fight.
What am I doing wrong, Sally?
Every time I get inside, she's on me.
You're doing great.
You're wearing her down. Keep punching.
-I ain't doing great, I'm losing.
-You're wearing her down.
You okay, honey? can you see okay?
-come on.
-Do it.
come on, let's do this!
That's it!
Nice night, eh?
Jesus christ.
That's Lonnie Washington's girl.
Hell of a fighter.
11 - 0.
Your left. Keep your left up.
Lonnie's got a lot of good fighters.
He's got Joey Adagio,
lightweight champ?
Your left, damn it.
Wouldn't have been my choice for
her first fight, but Sally's a good manager.
-He must think she can take her.
-Jesus H.
Your left. Keep your left up.
You think she can hear you
from back here?
of course, if Maggie loses,
it wouldn't mean anything to Sally.
Might even help him.
Lonnie's girl gets another win...
...Lonnie might let Sally's lightweight
fight Joey Adagio for the title.
Sally's trying to set a fight with Adagio?
Hey, what do I know?
I just come because I enjoy the fights.
Mother of God.
okay, break.
Hey. come here, come here.
Hey. Get over here.
You're dropping your left hand.
Quit dropping your left hand.
Hey, Frankie,
you mind if I talk to my fighter?
You're doing a hell of a job.
Is this the way you advise your lightweight?
-What are you doing?
-I'm talking. What are you doing?
-Is this your fighter?
-It's my fighter.
It ain't fitting real well, Sally.
Fine, you take her.
She can't fight worth a shit anyway.
-Somebody tell me what's going on.
-I was late. Sally was just subbing for me.
You telling me this is your fighter?
Yeah, this is my fighter.
Then you got 10 seconds.
I keep holding my left up,
then I throw a punch and it keeps dropping.
-Well, let it drop.
-That'd be a lot easier.
She thinks she knows you.
Every time you drop it,
she comes right over the top.
So you just wait for her, see?
That's all she's thinking about.
-When she cocks that right hand-- You hear?
-I hear you, boss.
When she does, step to the side
and come with a good-night hook.
-Got one?
-Got it right here.
-Fight, or I'm calling it.
-Go give it to her.
-The body knows what fighters don't.
How to protect itself.
A neck can only twist so far.
Twist it just a hair more,
and the body says:
''Hey, I'll take it from here because you
obviously don't know what you're doing. ''
Neutral corner.
-See the way she did that?
Sugar Ray would do that.
Girl's got sugar.
''Lie down, now, rest, and we'll talk
about this when you regain your senses. ''
It's called the knockout mechanism.
Don't get all carried away, now.
You did good.
Thanks, boss.
You.... You forgot the rule.
-Now, what is the rule?
-Keep my left up?
It's to protect yourself at all times.
Now, what is the rule?
-Protect myself at all times.
-Good, good.
You gave me away.
How was that protecting me?
It wasn't.
It's okay.
-I'll work on my left, boss.
-Drink your water.
other than that, how'd I do?
Fine. You did fine.
You gonna leave me again?
That place you work, do they have
homemade lemon meringue pie there?
-Not the kind with the canned-filling crap?
oh, big can, yay size.
Says ''homemade'' on the label.
-I want you to take the weekend off.
-It's only Thursday.
-You gonna argue with me?
-Know better than to do that, boss.
Well, good.
All fighters are pigheaded
some way or other.
Some part of them always thinks
they know better than you about something.
can you spare a few minutes
for the immaculate conception?
Truth is, even if they're wrong...
...even if that one thing
is gonna be the ruin of them...
...if you can beat that last bit out of them,
then they ain't fighters at all.
-Thought I said I'd see you Monday.
-You sure did, boss.
That was last night.
You said not to argue with you.
Малышка на миллион Малышка на миллион

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