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Малышка на миллион

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It's Gaelic.
Well, you just protected yourself
out of a championship fight.
How do you say that in Gaelic?
The action continues as the champ
is battling Big Willie Jones...
...and commanding him
with rights and lefts.
Up against the ropes,
he's hitting him with the left....
Boxing is an unnatural act.
Because everything in it is backwards.
You wanna move to the left...
...you don't step left,
you push on the right toe.
To move right, you use your left toe.
Instead of running from the pain,
like a sane person would do...
...you step into it.
But Big Willie comes back. Oh, my God,
he hits the champ with a right hand.
And the champ is down.
Ladies and gentleman,
the ref is in for the count.
And Big Willie Jones
is the new champion of the world.
It's unbelievable how
this has taken place tonight...
...but there you have it, folks,
a new champion.
Everything in boxing is backwards.
Want a cheeseburger?
-You bought me a cheeseburger?
I never see you buy anybody
a cheeseburger.
Well, I couldn't eat it, and I ordered it.
You want it?
Well, I guess the planet
can go back to spinning.
-You watch the fight?
-Yeah, I watched it.
Willie did good.
That's what you've got to say?
Well, he won, didn't he? He did good.
I see you been working on yourself,
learning to open up. That's good work.
You watch it?
Yeah, I got HBo.
Now, how can you afford HBo?
How long have I been telling you
to save your money?
Ever since I fought
Louis ''Typhoon'' Johnson...
...at the Stadium club
in Tupelo, Mississippi.
-That true?
Manager ran off
and left you and me to hitch home.
Don't you remember nothing?
Well, I remember walking halfway
and thinking I was gonna be lynched.
I remember you leaving me with my dick
in my hand behind that gas station.
Yeah, well, I got a ride. The guy took off
before I hardly closed the door.
I had to walk back two miles.
Your conscience got the better of you,
that's what.
What the hell's that?
It's her birthday.
You're not breathing right.
That's why you're panting.
So it's your birthday, huh?
How old does that make you?
I'm 32, Mr. Dunn.
I'm celebrating that I spent another year
scraping dishes and waitressing...
...which is what I been doing since 13.
And according to you, I'll be 37
before I can even throw a decent punch...
...which after working this speed bag
for a month and getting nowhere...
...I now realize may be God's simple truth.
other truth is, my brother's in prison...
...my sister cheats on welfare by pretending
one of her kids is still alive...
...my daddy's dead,
and my mama weighs 312 pounds.
If I was thinking straight,
I'd go back home...
...find a used trailer,
buy a deep fryer and some oreos.
The problem is, this is the only thing
I ever felt good doing.
If I'm too old for this, then I got nothing.
That enough truth to suit you?
This your speed bag?
Put yours behind the counter.
Wish I could say I wore it out.
okay, just hold it. Hold it.
I'll show you a few things,
and then we'll get you a trainer.
No, sorry.
-You're in a position to negotiate?
-Yes, sir.
Because I know if you train me right,
I'm gonna be a champ.
I seen you looking at me.
-Yeah, out of pity.
-Don't you say that.
Don't you say that if it ain't true.
I want a trainer.
I don't want charity,
and I don't want favors.
If you're not interested,
then I got more celebrating to do.
Stop, stop, stop.
Goddamn it, stop.
What the hell are you doing?
If I'm gonna take you on--
-You won't never regret it.
-Look, just listen to me.
-lf I take you on--
-I promise I'll work so hard.
God, this is a mistake already.
I'm listening, boss.
If I take you on, you don't say anything,
you don't question me.
You don't ask why, you don't say
anything except maybe, ''Yes, Frankie.''
And I'm gonna try to forget the fact
that you're a girl.
That's all I ask.
And don't come crying to me
if you get hurt.
Малышка на миллион Малышка на миллион

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