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Малышка на миллион

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Don't hit him when he's coming towards you
because he's just gonna push you back...
...he's gonna smother your punches
and take your balance, right?
So you watch him real carefully.
Keep rotating.
That keeps your head moving.
And keep one shoulder back so you're
always ready to fire a power shot.
Right? Go ahead, now. Good, good.
Keep rotating, keep moving. That's it.
Good, good. Keep that chin tucked in.
come on around.
Keep moving, keep moving.
-Good, good, good.
-Like that?
Yeah. Give it a few shots.
Tuck that chin in, now.
Tuck that chin in.
Yeah, that's good. That's good.
Now, you get this down,
we'll put you on the speed bag.
You do have a speed bag.
I'll just borrow it till I can buy my own.
All right, you go on home now.
-I'll walk out with you?
-No, I am home.
-Wanna see?
It's nice.
Would it bother you
if I worked a little longer?
No, just pull the door closed
when you leave.
Thank you.
If there's magic in boxing...
...it's the magic of fighting battles
beyond endurance...
...beyond cracked ribs, ruptured kidneys
and detached retinas.
It's the magic of risking everything
for a dream that nobody sees but you.
okay, okay, fellas, watch the footwork.
Hey, that's it. That's it.
Hands up.
Jab, jab, jab.
Hey, Flip.
Hey, Flippy, come here, man.
I think I found somebody you can beat.
I don't fights women.
Why not, bro? It's perfect, bro,
because you know why?
Because she--
Like, you, you could fight to him...
...and then you could kiss to him.
Then you fight to him one more time.
That's beautiful, man. That's like poetry.
-It's like poetry.
-You been reading and shit.
-Thanks, bro.
-That's a girl, man?
Flip, I think you right. Look at her little
bitty titties. They're like mosquito bites.
Man, that's barely even a mouthful.
Let me see.
Saw your last fight, Shawrelle.
Spent so much time face down,
I thought the canvas had titties.
canvas has titties.
Hey, look at me. I'm Shawrelle.
Just humping the canvas.
Humping the floor.
come on, bro. The floor having titties?
That's funny, bro.
Shut up, man.
What you laughing at?
Man, hold the bag, stupid.
Some titties right there, man.
Yo, when they start making those tights
for men, Flippy?
All right, that's enough.
That's enough for the day.
-I'll give you a rubdown.
-oh, I can't, Frankie.
Middle one's got a piano lesson.
I told Grace I'd drive her.
-Something wrong with Gracie's car?
-She hates that car.
Wants the old one back,
but the dealer said he's already got a buyer.
Maybe I should talk to the dealer.
I'd appreciate that.
-See you later.
The man's a rubdown whore.
Today he doesn't want one.
You ever do any work around here?
Not my job I'd worry about, if I was you.
Little girl seems to be coming along.
Yeah. It's almost like
someone's been helping her.
She might just be a natural.
Looks like she's got something.
She's got my speed bag,
that's what she's got.
I wonder how the hell she got that.
I wonder.
I'm gonna need that speed bag back.
-This bag?
-Yes, that bag. That's my bag.
And if you're hitting it,
people will think I'm training you.
Is that such a bad thing, boss?
Yes. Yes, it is.
Every time you touch it,
you're losing me business out here.
-I gotta agree, I am embarrassing myself.
Well, I can't just lend it
to anybody, you know.
I understand.
Look, you seem like a nice girl.
-can I give you some advice?
-I'd appreciate that.
You'll find a trainer in this gym
or somewhere else...
...that's gonna wanna train a girl.
It's the latest freak show out there.
The trouble is, they're gonna be
wasting your time...
...because you're too old.
I don't feel that old.
Well, neither do I, but you don't see me
fighting 21 -year-olds, do you?
Takes about four years to train a fighter.
How old are you?
-Thirty-one until my next birthday.
-oh, well, there you go.
You wouldn't start training
Малышка на миллион Малышка на миллион

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