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Малышка на миллион

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Yeah, lots of people where
I comes from does...
...but my mama taught me
not to cause hurt to no man...
...niggers or not.
You got a nice mama.
Anything else I can do for you?
Just one of those questions you ask...
...but Danger wanted to give it
his best answer.
Well, sir, I'd likes to become
the welterweight champion of the world.
And I challenge the Motor city cobra...
...Thomas ''Hit Man'' Hearns...
...to fight me for the welterweight
championship of the whole world!
Yo, Flip, shut up, man!
You ain't even ranked.
You gotta have at least one fight
to be ranked.
Hey, I'll fight any man, anytime!
Hey, you a bad man, huh?
Get in the ring. Go a round with me.
-I will.
Leave him alone.
Danger, you go on back to training.
Will do, Mr. Scrap.
Them's some nice tights, Danger.
I'll give you that ass-whupping later,
olive oyl.
Hey, bro, those pants look
real pretty on you.
Give his mama back her tights.
Shawrelle Berry had a left hook
that would move a tank...
...but he had a heart
the size of a split pea.
Frankie bought the Hit Pit
from Bobby Malone 17 years ago.
Bobby wanted to move to Florida,
and Frankie wanted some security.
Bobby died while he was packing.
And Frankie found out
most gyms lose money.
I thought I told you I didn't want
Danger working out here anymore.
He ain't hurting nothing, Frankie.
Well, he's hurting me.
Breaking my heart, watching him punch
the air like he thinks it's gonna punch back.
And how many times have I gotta tell you
that bleach is bleach?
Why can't you buy the cheap stuff?
You don't have to buy the expensive stuff.
It smells better, Frankie.
Bleach smells like bleach.
-Hey, Scrap.
-Hey, Mr. Willie.
Hey, nice fight last night.
Nice fight.
-Big Willie.
-Hey, Sally.
-Nice fight.
-Thanks, man.
People are talking.
What the hell kind of language is that?
What do you want?
I thought you might like to know
you got a fighter out there...
...not talking to another manager.
Not talking to another manager?
And not just any manager.
Mickey Mack.
You came in here to tell me that Big Willie
is not talking to Mickey Mack.
Not a word. Neither one of them.
I'm trying to read here.
Well, if you think that's more important.
Who's your new girl?
Jesus christ.
Better hurry up.
She keeps hitting it like that,
she gonna break her wrists.
You're wasting your time.
I told you I don't train girls.
Thought you might change your mind.
Dozens of trainers train girls.
You won't have any trouble finding one.
Don't hardly need a dozen, boss.
You'll do fine.
Don't call me boss, now. I'm not your boss,
and don't you be calling me that.
-Willie, you ready to work?
If I stop calling you boss,
will you train me?
Then I might as well keep calling you it.
She came from southwestern Missouri...
...the hills outside the scratch-ass
Ozark town of Theodosia...
...set in the cedars and oak trees
somewhere between nowhere and goodbye.
She grew up knowing one thing:
She was trash.
It's for my dog.
She'd come 1,800 miles,
but Theodosia was still just over the hill.
Working the bag, boss.
I'm not your boss.
And that bag's working you.
Give her her money back.
You sure?
-How much did she pay?
-Six months.
-Jesus christ.
-No, I'll give it back.
No, don't be a smartass now, will you?
Woman thinks I'll throw away
six months' worth of dues...
...just to get rid of her,
she's out of her mind.
-But just don't encourage her, understand?
And what's Danger doing out there?
What's he looking at?
Looks like a bottle of water.
He paid his dues?
Dues? Boy can't afford pants.
Want him to pay dues?
Get out of my office.
Fuck me.
can't think of it as a bag.
I'm not a trainer,
but I can show you this if you'd like.
Appreciate any help I can get.
What you wanna do is,
you wanna think of it as a man, see?
And he's constantly moving.
He's moving towards you, around you,
away from you. All
Малышка на миллион Малышка на миллион

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