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Малышка на миллион

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Do you know what I mean?
How do I get around that?
You don't. You step aside, Frankie.
You leave her with God.
She's not asking for God's help.
She's asking for mine.
Frankie, I've seen you at Mass
almost every day for 23 years.
The only person comes
to church that much...
...is the kind who can't
forgive himself for something.
Whatever sins you're carrying...
...they're nothing compared to this.
Forget about God or heaven and hell.
If you do this thing, you'll be lost.
Somewhere so deep...
...you'll never find yourself again.
I think I did it already.
We're keeping her sedated
so she won't try that again.
I went to see Maggie this morning.
You must have been somewhere else.
You got a fight I don't know about?
It wasn't your fault.
I was wrong to say that.
You're damn right.
I found you a fighter...
...and you made her
the best fighter she could be.
I killed her.
Don't say that.
Maggie walked through that door
with nothing but guts.
No chance in the world of being
what she needed to be.
A year and a half later, she's fighting
for the championship of the world.
You did that.
People die every day, Frankie.
Mopping floors, washing dishes.
And you know what
their last thought is?
''I never got my shot.''
Because of you, Maggie got her shot.
If she dies today, you know what
her last thought will be?
''I think I did all right.''
I know I could rest with that.
I'm gonna get a cup of coffee.
All right.
I'm gonna disconnect your air machine...
...then you're gonna go to sleep.
Then I'll give you a shot, and you'll...
...stay asleep.
Mo cuishle...
...means ''my darling, my blood.''
He gave her a single shot.
It was enough adrenaline
to do the job a few times over.
He didn't want her
going through this again.
Then he walked out.
I don't think he had anything left.
I went back to the gym.
Waited, figuring he'd turn up
sooner or later.
And that's when a ghost
came through the door.
I got to thinking what you said,
Mr. Scrap.
What was that, Danger?
Anybody can lose one fight.
That's the truth.
Go on, put your gloves on.
You missed a lot of training.
Will do, Mr. Scrap. Sure thing.
Frankie never came back at all.
Frankie didn't leave a note,
and nobody knew where he went.
I'd hoped he'd gone to find you...
...and ask you one more time
to forgive him.
But maybe he didn't have
anything left in his heart.
I just hope he found someplace
where he could find a little peace.
A place set in the cedars and oak trees.
Somewhere between
nowhere and goodbye.
But that's probably wishful thinking.
No matter where he is...
...I thought you should know what kind
of man your father really was.
Малышка на миллион

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