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Малышка на миллион

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tell me that?
...he does like to repeat himself.
Will you tell him I'm real sorry?
I won't do no such thing, Maggie.
Damnedest thing.
So, what's the plan?
I know you got one,
so you might as well tell me what it is.
It's your fault.
Yeah, it's your fault
she's lying in there like that.
You kept after me until I trained her.
I knew I shouldn't have done it,
her being a girl and all.
Everything kept telling me not to.
Everything but you.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
These doctors around here
don't know squat.
otherwise, why would they be
living out here in the desert?
As soon as you're able to be moved...
...we'll find some place where
they've actually studied medicine.
You just rest there, I'll....
I'm on it.
Frankie must have called
every hospital in America...
...looking for somebody
who'd tell him they could fix her.
He came close twice,
till they checked her over...
...said there was nothing to be done.
Took two months till she was
stable enough to move.
They got nurses for that, you know.
Yeah, but they're amateurs.
She developed skin ulcers
because she couldn't change positions.
Thank you.
They made the six-hour trip
by ambulance.
Fly there, drive back.
The rehab center Frankie found
was a nice place.
They took good care of Maggie.
She wouldn't have complained
if they hadn't.
Took several hours every day
to get her ready for the wheelchair.
one, two, three, up.
Since she couldn't breathe on her own...
...her respirators were always on.
Oxygen was pumped into her
24 hours a day.
Maggie's mama called to say
they were all coming for a visit.
She waited by the window
every day for the next two weeks.
Frankie finally tracked them down.
Learned they'd checked into their hotel
six days earlier.
Kept leaving messages
which were never returned.
You don't have to hang around all day.
I like it here. I don't mind.
In fact, if you weren't here,
I'd come here anyway to read my books.
Mama will be here soon
to share some of the burden.
Well, it's no burden.
Read this.
okay, okay, that's enough.
That's terrible.
Anyway, I'll tell you in English
what you were saying.
It says:
I will arise and go now
And go to Innisfree
And a small cabin build there
Of clay and wattles made
And I shall have some peace there
For peace comes dropping slow
Dropping from the veils of the morning
To where the cricket sings.
Not bad, huh?
You gonna build a cabin, boss?
You know, when you quit all this.
You mean boxing?
No, I'll never quit.
I like the stink too much, I guess.
You think?
Because I could see you there real easy...
...with your books and lemon pie.
How about you?
Would you like to go live in a cabin?
I could learn how to bake.
Well, then, I'll....
Maybe I'll start looking then.
-Go ahead.
-All right. okay, sounds good.
Hi, I'm Frankie Dunn.
I met you back out in Missouri.
Where's my little girl?
Don't you think you ought to go back
to the hotel and change?
She doesn't know you've been here
a week visiting Woody and Mickey.
We got business with my sister.
Why don't you just tell us where she is.
oh, you must be J.D.
And you must be the business guy?
There's some rides you missed.
Why don't you go back.
I'll tell her you couldn't make it.
I drove all the way here
to take care of my child.
And you're suggesting
I'm not a good mother?
Mary M. can't go nowhere.
If we could've taken her to Disneyland,
we would've.
Margaret Fitzgerald?
Right down here, 301 .
-come on, Mama.
-Let's go.
And I saw myself breathing.
Like, my body was going up and down.
I thought,
''Why didn't somebody tell me?''
Your hair needs washing.
It's kind of greasy.
It's just a....
It's just some kind of legal thing.
What is it?
How we all doing here?
Sorry, darling,
but we ain't got a lot of time.
Mr. Johnson's charging us a lot of money
to be here to make sure this is done proper.
Why don't you
Малышка на миллион Малышка на миллион

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