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Малышка на миллион

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We don't need no corner trainer.
How'd I do, Mr. Scrap?
You did good, Danger. You did real good.
You my man. You rock.
come on, Flip, man, you ain't done.
You ain't even fight good yet.
Anybody can lose one fight.
Anybody can lose one, son.
You'll come back from this.
You'll be champion of the world.
No, I won't, Mr. Scrap.
I should have knowed.
-come on. We don't need to be talking.
-Let me help you.
oh, no, I can do her.
Just untie the Velcro for me.
All right.
come on, don't take the gloves off, man.
You ain't even used them, Danger.
Mind if I borrow this, Danger?
Man, I thought your name was Danger.
come on, now.
oh, oh, I see. Now I get to fight
a retard and a old man.
call ESPN, because you can't
write this shit.
Look out, Shawrelle. Easy, Shawrelle.
Keep going, man.
All right, man.
He ain't so tough.
one hundred and ten.
Get a job, punk.
Win this one, I'll tell you what it means.
I got you some pipers.
Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle!
Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle!
All right, now!
I want you to jab her right in the tits...
...until they turn blue and fall off.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is the feature...
...presentation of the evening.
In this corner, the challenger,
Maggie Fitzgerald...
...in the red corner.
In the blue corner...
...the WBA welterweight champion
of the world...
...Billie ''The Blue Bear.''
Sweet Jesus.
Fitzgerald is pushing The Blue Bear
around the ring. She's coming on strong.
challenger darts in, lands a combination
to the head and the body.
-And a right hook stuns the champ.
-All right.
Break it up!
Break it! Break it!
Do that one more time,
it'll cost you a point, do you hear me?
Go fight.
You motherfucker.
come on. What the fuck?
All right, that's it.
I'm gonna take away a point.
one point deduction
off the blue corner.
--comes back, hits Fitzgerald....
Ref, open your eyes, you....
Ladies and gentlemen, the first round
is in the books on this championship match.
-Hold onto that.
-There you go.
-Looking good.
-You pull that crap one more time...
...you're disqualified.
It's gonna be all right.
Got no doubt, boss.
okay, just watch yourself.
Stay away from this dame.
Go to the neutral corner.
Neutral corner.
-Four, five, six...
-Stay down, you bitch.
...seven, eight, nine.
Yeah, yeah!
Break it! Break it!
Fitzgerald continues to pummel
The Blue Bear. The East German champion....
Yes! come on!
I got it! I got it.
Eyes are blurring, boss.
-How many eyes you need to finish this?
-one's enough.
...what do I do about the Bear?
Do you know that step into the outside
and hook into the liver?
-I been doing that. She's made of steel.
-I don't want you to go to the liver.
I want you to hit her right up
under her skinny ass, understand?
Right in the sciatic nerve.
Just keep digging it in there.
And just keep sticking her.
You hear that?
-What about the ref?
-Keep between the ref and the Bear...
...and everything will just be fine.
This is yours. You keep your guard up.
You keep it up.
oh, yeah!
Break, break!
Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle!
come on.
That's it. Breathe.
Look at me. concentrate on me.
That's it.
How you feeling, darling?
Growing a beard, boss?
I thought it might help me
with the ladies.
can't say it does.
Does it--? Does it hurt much?
Don't hurt at all.
Well, that's good.
Where's Frankie?
Well, he's....
He's out there talking to the doctors.
Probably telling them how to do their job.
They're telling him
I'm a c1 and c2 complete.
Means that my spinal cord's so broke
they'll never be able to fix it.
Gonna be frozen like this
the rest of my life.
I asked them to tell him.
I don't know how he's gonna take it.
Did you see the fight?
of course I did.
You had her cold, Maggie.
I shouldn't have dropped my hands.
I shouldn't have turned.
Always protect myself.
How many times he
Малышка на миллион Малышка на миллион

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