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Малышка на миллион

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give me the money?
Why'd you have to buy me a house?
I didn't have to, Mama, but it's yours.
You want the money, sell it.
I don't--
I know you didn't mean
nothing hurtful...
...but sometimes you just
don't think things through.
-That's true, Mama.
-I'll try and keep the house.
I'm just worried about
all those expenses.
I'll send you some more money.
That man hitting you?
It's from the fight.
I'm a fighter, Mama.
Find a man, Mary M.
Live proper.
People hear about what you're doing
and they laugh.
Hurts me to tell you,
but they laugh at you.
You ever own a dog?
closest I ever came was
a middleweight from Barstow.
My daddy had a German shepherd, Axel.
AxeI's hindquarters were so bad...
...he had to drag himself
room to room by his front legs.
Me and Mardell would bust up laughing...
...watching him scoot
across the kitchen floor.
Daddy, he was so sick by then,
he couldn't hardly stand himself.
But one morning he got up,
carried Axel to his rig...
...and the two of them went off
into the woods, singing and howling.
But it wasn't till he got home
that night alone that I saw...
...the shovel in the back of the truck.
Sure miss watching
the two of them together.
I got nobody but you, Frankie.
Well, you've got me.
At least, that is,
until we find you a good manager.
Hey, can we stop just up here?
This place has
the best lemon pie around.
None of that canned-filling crap.
Now I can die and go to heaven.
I used to come here with Daddy.
Wonder if a place like this is for sale.
I got a little bit of savings.
That's fine, fine, thanks.
Hey, what the hell's Danger looking at?
Looks like another bottle of water.
Wanna come to Vegas with us?
Watch you suffer over the nickel slots?
My heart can't take that kind of pounding.
Well, she's got a title shot.
The Blue Bear.
Million dollars,
split right down the center.
That's good, Frankie. That's real good.
Well, I could use a good second.
can't find one,
I thought I'd ask you.
Now, why the hell
would I wanna do that?
Well, because you're a half-blind old fool
who never got there himself.
I thought you might like to feel what
it's like to be in a ring on a title match.
Excuse me for feeling sorry for you.
No, you pick up somebody
there in Vegas.
Somebody with young hands.
You're not gonna cry now, are you?
I've already got one girl.
I leave this place for one day...
...got any idea what it would look like
when I come back?
Kind of like it looks right now.
oh, go to hell.
You tell Maggie don't come back here
without a belt.
Will do.
Hey, Mr. Scrap.
I got a question,
but I feel real stupid asking it.
No such thing as
a stupid question there, Danger.
How'd you get all the ice in here
through this little tiny hole?
I've been thinking on it.
can't figure it out.
Why don't I show you, Danger.
-You could do that? You could show me?
-I think so. I think so.
Also, Mr. Scrap, I was kind of thinking
I might be ready for a fight.
Well, I got the tickets. You ready?
-We're flying?
-Would you rather drive?
You're asking me?
Would you rather fly,
or would you rather drive?
So I finally get to decide something?
That's what I'm saying.
Fly there, drive back.
That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
How the hell we gonna do that?
You said it was up to me.
Give them hell there, Danger.
Hey, old school,
the toilet's overflowing.
Hey, Flippy, come here for a minute.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
oh, God!
come on, Danger. come on, Danger.
come on. Defense!
could be sitting up at the Mirage...
...drinking mai tais...
...looking at naked women.
come on, Danger,
put up your hands and fight.
Danger, get out of there!
Fight back! come on!
-There you go, Danger, there you go!
-Good job, man.
Jab him with the left.
come on.
come on.
Hey, come on now, Flip.
-What you doing? Let him go.
-All right. okay.
I got you. come on, come on.
It's all
Малышка на миллион Малышка на миллион

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