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Малышка на миллион

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-What is it?
It's a tape on that girl in England
you're gonna fight.
If you're gonna go for the title,
we got some moves to-- Hey.
Hey, get the hell down.
You know how old I am?
-Thank you, boss. Thank you so much.
You're welcome, darling. Here, just--
Here, let me put this in the machine.
What machine?
Don't have a TV, huh?
All right. okay.
-Ten minutes, love.
-Thank you.
Man says he loves me.
He's probably not
the first one to say that.
First since my daddy.
I win, you think he'll propose?
You win, I'll propose.
Look, I got you a gift here.
I think they gave you somebody else's.
No, no, this is it.
What's it mean?
I don't know.
Just something in Gaelic.
-It's beautiful.
-Yeah, I thought so.
-Real silk thread.
From the United States
of America, the challenger...
...Maggie Fitzgerald.
Mo cuishle.
Did you see what was on her robe?
-Mo cuishle. Mo cuishle.
-Mo cuishle.
She wasn't the main attraction.
She was on the undercard
of a middleweight title fight.
But ask someone who was there...
...they couldn't tell you who else
fought that night.
-come on!
-Mo cuishle!
Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle!
Mo cuishle!
Mo cuishle!
Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle!
She's tough.
I can't get inside.
I can't get close enough to hit her.
-You know why that is?
She's a better fighter than you are.
She's younger, she's stronger,
and she's more experienced. Now...
...what are you gonna do about it?
Get in there.
Three, four, five, six...
...seven, eight, nine, ten.
Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle!
-Mo cuishle!
-Mo cuishle!
I could ask someone, you know?
You find out, you let me know.
Whatever it meant, the name stuck.
Maggie fought in Edinburgh and Paris,
Brussels and Amsterdam.
It was always mo cuishle.
Seems there are
Irish people everywhere...
...or people who wanna be.
By the time they came back
to the States...
...Maggie was in a whole new league.
Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle! Mo cuishle!
After that they got another offer
to fight for the title.
What's the split?
We'll take 60 and you take 40,
being as that Maggie's the draw.
That little girl?
You think I'm wrong, really?
You think people are saying...
...that they wanna see some scabby Kraut
beat up on little Miss What's-Her-Name?
You find someone who says that,
and we'll take the 40.
There you go.
They're at 60-40,
but they'll come up to 50-50.
How's that girl doing?
Well, she's got a concussion
and a broken eardrum.
She be all right?
-And if she isn't?
-Maybe I should send her something.
Well, you could send her your check
if you'd like. I'm sure she'd take it.
That little house we talked about?
I bought it.
Well, smart girl.
For my mama. It's only about a mile
from where she lives now.
No mortgage, just like you said.
You're a good daughter.
She don't know about it yet.
I was hoping maybe we could
stay an extra day, drive over there?
I know she wants to meet you.
Yeah, we could do that.
oh, my God. Mama, come on out here.
Mary M.'s here.
-This is the Johnsons' old house.
-Not anymore.
It's all yours, Mama.
For you and Mardell and the kids.
-Mary M., you bought this for me?
-Yeah, all yours, free and clear.
There's no fridge. No stove neither.
They'll be here before you move in.
-How much money did this cost you?
-Never mind that.
-You shouldn't have done this.
-You need a decent place.
You shouldn't have done it.
You should've asked me first.
Government's gonna find out about this,
they're gonna stop my welfare.
-Mama, no, they ain't.
-They are. You're fine, you're working...
...but I can't live without my welfare.
Mama, I'll send you money.
What about my medicine?
Medicaid gonna cut me off.
-How am I supposed to get my medicine?
-I'll send you more money.
I hope you don't expect J.D.
to move in with us.
He's getting out, you know.
Why didn't you just
Малышка на миллион Малышка на миллион

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