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Малышка на миллион

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Do it!
You got him! You got him!
I only ever met one man
I wouldn't wanna fight.
I can't stop that.
Get out of here, you useless tit.
When I met him, he was already the best
cut man in the business.
can you stop it?
Started training and managing
in the '60s, but he never lost his gift.
Let me have a look at him.
He's fine. He's fine.
He ain't if you don't stop this bleeding.
I'll give you one more round.
-Seconds out. Let's go.
-What do we do? Tell me what to do.
You let him hit you.
Sometimes there's just
nothing you can do.
Cut's too wide, too close to the bone.
Maybe you got a severed vein...
...or you just can't get the coagulant
deep enough.
-come on!
-Break. Break.
There are all kinds of combinations
you come up against...
...down in the different layers of meat...
...and Frankie knew
how to work every one.
-That's it! come on!
-What are you doing?
Knock him out, Willie!
People love violence.
They'll slow down at a car wreck
to check for bodies.
Same people claim to love boxing.
They got no idea what it is.
Boxing is about respect.
Getting it for yourself...
...and taking it away from the other guy.
I'll warm up the car.
Mr. Dunn?
I owe you money?
No, sir.
I know your mama?
Don't rightly know, sir.
-Then what is it you want?
-I was on the undercard.
I won my fight too. Maggie Fitzgerald.
Well, Maggie Fitzgerald, what's up?
-Did you happen to see it?
I did pretty good.
Thought you might be interested
in training me.
I don't train girls.
Maybe you should. People see me fight
say I'm pretty tough.
Girlie, tough ain't enough.
It's a mistake.
car should be able to back up, Frankie.
Just push, will you?
-What did Hogan want?
-offered us a title shot.
About time.
I turned him down flat.
Two or three more fights, you'll be ready.
Been two or three more fights
for a long time now, Frankie.
Look, Willie,
you get one shot at the title.
You lose it,
it may not come around again.
Now, two or three more fights
and we'll be ready.
Whatever you say, Frankie.
Frankie liked to say that boxing
is an unnatural act...
...that everything in boxing is backwards.
...best way to deliver a punch
is step back.
Well, do your best, Lord...
...protect Katy.
Annie too.
other than that...
...you know what I want,
there's no use me repeating myself.
But step back too far,
you ain't fighting at all.
Father, that was a great sermon.
Made me weep.
What's confusing you this week?
oh, it's the same old
one-God-three-God thing.
Frankie, most people figure out
by kindergarten it's about faith.
Is it sort of like Snap, crackle and Pop
all rolled up in one big box?
You're standing outside my church
comparing God to Rice Krispies?
The only reason you come to Mass
is to wind me up.
-It won't happen this morning.
-I'm confused.
-No, you aren't.
-Yes, I am.
Then here's your answer:
There's one God.
Anything else? Because I'm busy.
-What about the Holy Ghost?
-He's an expression of God's love.
-And Jesus?
-Son of God. Don't play stupid.
What is he then?
Does that make him a demigod?
There are no demigods,
you fucking pagan!
-Did you write your daughter?
Now you're lying to a priest.
You know what? Take a day off,
don't come to Mass tomorrow.
Some people would say the most important
thing a fighter can have is heart.
Frankie would say, ''Show me a fighter
who's nothing but heart...
...and I'll show you a man
waiting for a beating. ''
Think I only ever met one fighter
who was all heart.
My name's Dangerous Dillard
Fighting Flippo Bam-Bam Barch...
...out of Broward county, Texas!
Danger showed up
a couple of years back.
He'd come visiting L.A. with Ervel,
his mama's new boyfriend.
Apparently Ervel got lost
and ended up back in Texas.
Danger looked for him for about a week
before he introduced himself.
Hey, you know, I gots nothing
against niggers.
Well, that's nice to hear.
Малышка на миллион

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