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Малыши из мусорного бачка

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- The fashion show.
Alright , keep moving.
Hey , I'm gonna report that to
the authorities.
- Where are they taking us?
- Come on , come on!
- Get in there!
- Don't push it!
Get in there.
I wanna go home.
In there.
Let us outta here.
I didn't see any of our friends.
Do you really think they maybe
locked up in here?
We can't save them from here.
Yo Einstein!
We gotta save ourselves.
They're crying .
You want us to shut them up?
- They'll be gone soon.
- What? Where?
Like a big dump in the sky.
I'm sure glad I got transferred
out of that laboratory.
Did you see any experiments?
Those doctors...
They like to hurt people.
Windy? Ali?
Oh my god!
There you go , I found it.
Why don't you just whistle for your
little friends , creep?
You double-crossed them.
No . You did.
I just gave Juice the key.
Where are they? Where?
State home for the ugly.
Lose him.
- No!
- Come on!
That's for coming out for him.
If I'll see you around here again
I'll get you your own cage!
I think they got the children.
Oh no! We gotta get them out of there.
Dodger, I think we might
be too late.
Maybe! But we can still get
the bad guys. Go!
Tonight McBundy's department store...
is delighted to welcome you to the day view...
of a truly remarkable young designer start.
Iconoclastic , rebellious and original.
Her clothes will make a speak.
Tangerine's clothes to wear...
When one simply doesn't know what
to wear to occasions which...
It doesn't matter
what one wears.
"Our designer star Tangerine...
"In a magnificent little number
which called bewitched....
"Bothered and...."
"... guava butter....
"?? by peach pit and....
Tonight I would like to show you
a totally new concept to new fashions.
A little flashy , a little trashy...
but fun.
Guys , I need your help right now.
Really , I need your help.
Your little guys are in trouble!
Come on!
Let's go!
- Captain!
- You're alive!
You're alive...
Now don't worry . we're gonna
get you out.
We'll think of something.
Who are you? What are you doing here?
I am the great Manzini.
Here , Santa Clause , have a merry christmas.
Here guys...
Come on...
Wake them up!
Phil , Windy , blast them...
Wake up freddy
I'll get him , I'll get him...
Allright Windy , gross!
Two! Three!
Hey , this thing...
Will help him fall down.
Let's go , hurry! Hurry!
Let's go find the others.
I don't see them.
Where can they be?
Dodge, how are you doin'?
Captain , what about all of the
other children?
Remember the garbage truck?
We were too late.
Just go and check out
that everybody else is out and safe.
- Okay.
- Let's go guys.
We're free! Yeah!
Come on.
Here we go...
Watch the tail...
We blasted them.
Hey , it's okay , everybody's out!
Thank you guys.
Hey guys , thanks a lot!
Thank you.
- Now , are we all here?
- Yeah!
Good . Let's get back to the store.
- No way.
- No!
We wanna go to the fashion show
and squeeze us some juice.
We're tired of being losers.
It his toe time.
Well , on the one hand , Juice
is dangerous.
But on the other hand , seems
too pitty to quit while we're on a roll.
"Wow , what good would they look....
"Sandy in a sexy....
"antique black....
"Rosy in a green evening dress...
"guarantee the love of the audience"
As soon as you cross the border ,
get it to the warehouse.
Yo , captain.
Remember this is our fight.
"And here we have another black skirt...
"with a zebra spots...
"dress of lace....
"wow , what a gift....
Please bear with me , there's
been a slight mistake.
Would someone will straighten
this up please?
"Here we have..."
Where are we?
"With a blue bag and...."
Gimme that!
You're ruining my fashion show.
Do you
Малыши из мусорного бачка Малыши из мусорного бачка

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