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Малыши из мусорного бачка

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A girl!
- And it ain't me!
That girl , cut wat...
That's uh... Tangerine.
The world is full of great things,
but then again the chicks mess it up.
- Thanks.
- No!
Besides that girl,
what else is on your mind?
- You.
- Me?
Yeah , all of you guys.
I'm worried about what's gonna happen to you.
I wish i knew.
- We're scared.
- Yeah!
Scared our friends are gonna die!
- Where are your friends now?
- We don't know.
We just can't find them.
We think they might be locked
up somewhere.
In a really terrible place!
In the state home for the ugly!
State home for the ugly?
I can't believe people would
make a place like that.
Neither did I.
I'm ashame to admit I never
tried to find it.
I didn't wanted to believe that
such a place could actually exist.
- Do you believe it now?
- Oh , now? Yes.
I was quite happy to let life go
rushing pass my door...
Closing my eyes to things I didn't
wanna see.
But when you care for someone...
That's it , that's fine.
When you care for somebody,
when you love them
That's enough , Ali!
That brings responsibility.
This means we're gonna find the place?
Settle up , partner.
We're gonna find the home for the ugly!
Kid bugs!
Ninty nine , one hundred.
Hey! Let go of me , get away from me!
Oops! Our mistake.
You shouldn't wear a mask
unless it's halloween , kid.
No hard feelings , hey kid?
Go suck a rope!
There it is , the state home for the ugly.
Looks like a prison.
How do we find out
if the kids are in there?
According to the great master Ying Lee...
"The dusk falls like of the black birds' wings"
You mean , we wait until dark?
- Exactly.
- No , I can't!
Give me.
- Here.
- Gimme the ball.
Wait up! I'll be right there.
- Here he comes!
- Yeah!
- He's here.
- I thought he'll forget.
Here's all the clothes.
- Let me help.
- I got it.
- Thanks guys.
- See ya.
So , can you make a lot of those
things for me?
I've got big plans for us.
Bye baby , I'll see you in a while.
It feels lousy , abandoning
my principles for money.
- Principles?
- Yeah.
Letting the little creep live.
I saw Juice.
Are you okay?
There he is!
Come on. Hurry up.
What's that?
- Get away from me!
- These are my friends.
Those ugly things? Yuck!
Give them a chance! You'll like them.
They made all the clothes
you're so crazy about.
- You bet your toes we did.
- Ali , no!
They made the clothes?
Sort of.
Sorry, Dodge.
Show me.
My god!
Dodger, baby , I gotta flash.
Departments stores are gonna give us
a fashion show...
A whole fashion show!
Well yes, Tangerine's.
That's for professionals ,
So all I'll do is sow my name and use staples
I mean , you don't have a label... Do you?
Okay , so let's stand the reason
that we need one , right?
- So we'll have to get started.
- Get started?
Dodger, baby , don't keep sounding like an echo.
Catch up!
Those things... down stairs.
They gotta start sowing.
But you gotta promise not to
tell anybody where they are.
Cross my heart.
I go for two toes and a finger.
That was a tension breaker!
I call.
You got a poker face.
Me too.
What was that?
Maybe I'll just raise a little.
Yuck! Cut that out.
But I haven't finished the examination.
Oh yes you have!
You back again?
We ain't doin' no work 'til
you keep your promise.
You were supposed to help us
find our friends.
- We need to go there.
- We still don't know where it is.
Yes we do.
- Who?
- We do.
Captain Manzini and me... We found
the state for the ugly yesterday.
And you didn't tell us?
- You're...
- Hey!
Don't get crazy.
I didn't tell you 'cause we're
checking how to get in there.
That place is a fortress.
- What can we do?
- That's what I'm trying to figure out.
- We'll need a plan.
- We need a miracle.
- Yeah!
- We're working on it.
And in the meantime
Малыши из мусорного бачка Малыши из мусорного бачка

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