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Малыши из мусорного бачка

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- Yeah , tell me about it.
You couldn't chose a worst time
to come back.
People are absolutely obsessed
about their looks this days.
diating , joging , having everything
lift including their wallets.
Well , I don't think you're ugly , exactly.
- Wanna suck face?
- No.
Well , I mean ,
I already love somebody.
- Tangerine, now she is ugly!
- She's beautiful!
You ain't gonna get her.
He could with our help.
Not with Juicy guy is in the picture.
Yeah , well , that's a problem.
Good night kids.
Give me a little shoulder here.
Look , I'm really sorry about
what happened yesterday.
You know how Juice can get sometimes.
- Forget it.
- Okay.
Are you going out to meet him?
No , he's got some business
to take care.
I have my stuff to do , so...
Let me help you...
help where you're going?
Well , what I meant was...
where are you going with your... stuff?
To the dance clothes.
You wanna come along and help me?
So what do we do when we get there?
What do you mean?
Like , how do we sell the clothes?
Well , you start at the highest price
you can find...
for the clothing,
it may or may not have tags on it...
- What are you doing?
- Calm down . It's under control.
And then , if they won't go for
the price , we go down slowly but not too far...
if they wanna take out more than 5$,
don't sell it.
Hey wait! Tangerine!
- Pretty stuff?
- Yeah.
- Come on girls.
- I got all the stuff.
- Wait wait wait... don't have it like that.
- What? It's still greek.
No , I don't like it much.
Okay , 14 please.
Do you want that? that's 10.
You want that? alright.
Tangerine, you're doing great.
I'm gonna sell my way out of this town.
Someday I'm gonna be a famous fashion
designer from New York.
New York?
Or Hollywood.
They need designer for movies , no?
Yeah , but that's a long way up.
Well , I'm not gonna live at
somebody's cappy basement all my life , that's 12.
- Hey , buy it or drop it.
- I'll drop this.
Hey , how much for the shirt?
- $12.
- Sold , let's go.
Hot , doesn't it? Looks great.
Okay , wanna hand me that t-shirt?
Okay , you want this skirt?
Okay , that's gonna be 10.
- Tangerine?
- Get away!
You got a bad attitude girl!
Oh honey , you haven't seen bad yet...
Hey baby.
Get in.
Hello! Is anybody in there?
Hey! Ultra violet?
Bannana Anna?
We may never find our friends again.
We tried . Now let's eat.
- Maybe we should keep looking!
- Yeah!
That's it! Let's eat!
That sounds good to me!
It's big out town.
We don't have any money!
No problem!
We'll carve an I.O.U.
Come back with my truck!
All right! How are you doing down there?
It's stuck down there!
No! Not the brakes! The gas!
What the heck was that?
No! I think we hit a bump!
What have you done to my car?
What are you , crazy?
They're here , They're here!
Hey , we're the pepsi generation!
- What did you guys get?
- Hot dogs!
- Chips and dips!
- Cookies!
Yeah , toasted hot dogs,
taste like toes.
You got one trap mind!
I got a bad tack mind!
Pass me the mustard.
Pass the onion and garlic!
No! Look out!
I'm sorry.
God bless you!
Ali! You ate my burger!
- Is that is?
- Yeah!
Oh yeah? Prove it!
I can't! You ate the evidence!
Yeah yeah...
What's the matter?
- My stomache hurt!
- What did you eat?
- Everything!
- That will do it alright.
Turn off the light.
- What's the matter?
- We're on a hangover.
You want some cereals?
- If it's blood rare...
- Come in Ali.
Good shot.
I've been thinking about
what you said , help me out...
- Yeah?
- How would you help me?
We already did!
The chick! See , she's into fashion?
Tangerine, Yeah . So?
We sowed. Check it out!
- No way...
- Yeah.
There you go... You dress sharp,
you impress the chick.
- Hot , man.
- Yeah!
- What am I supposed to do with them?
- Stick them up...
- Wear 'em.
- Wear 'em? Me? I don't know...
Take a hike , kill the last...
- Yeah...
Малыши из мусорного бачка Малыши из мусорного бачка

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