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Малыши из мусорного бачка

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well, stuff you can use for your creations.
Come inside.
We got buttons.
We got medals too.
They're really good medals.
Put them on, it's just...
That's great kid.
What do you do for a hardcore?
Open a vein?
We got beads , we got great beads.
We got...
all here.
How much is this?
Touch my woman , creep!
No . I was...
Come on , he's just a kid.
Not 12 years old.
I'm 14! I'm almost 15!
He's not worth the beating up!
Forget him.
Come on , let's go have some fun.
I wish I could help you baby.
But the little creep must be
tought a lesson.
It's a matter of principle.
Oh yeah?
I think it's just a matter of you
like to see people bleed.
Yuch! It looks like a glue nose.
You made a monkey out of me kid.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna send this little slime ball
on a journey.
Oh come on Juicy baby no...
Let's go play.
What are you gonna do?
Why won't you just leave him alone?
Shut up. Get down.
No! Please don't!
What are you doing?
Why won't you just leave me alone?
Don't touch me!
What is wrong with you?
See you later , creep.
Hey guys!
Turn off the water.
He need a clean bad!
Yeah . You don't smell too good either.
What if he need a doctor?
Hey , got any iodine there?
Let's see.
Yeah . Looks good too.
- No! That's poison.
- Hey! Drink the red , you'll get dead.
Well guys...
Open him up!
This will make him wake up!
Put a cork in it!
Are you okay? You sure took
a bad fall.
What are you?
What are we?
- Same to you , buddy. Let's get out of here.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
Hey , get out of that chair.
It's the captain's chair.
Leave the chair alone.
Stop that please.
Stop it you guys!
You leave me alone.
Put that stuff down , it's not yours.
Put this back! Don't touch this!
My god! It's the garlic!
Put this back!
Please , don't touch this!
What are you doing?
You did this?
How would you like to get stumped?
This is fun!
My god.
You let them out!
You let them out of the garbage can!
- I don't know what happened , honest!
- You don't?
Hi captain , long time no see.
Alright children , we had our fun.
Come on , back into the garbage can.
- No way!
- No!
- That can is jail.
- Yeah!
You are forcing me to lay
very heavy magic on you.
Dodger , I want the tooth of a crocodile,
a bottle of english fog...
a hair of a goat,
the shadow of your smile.
Captain , we can't get that stuff anymore.
That's 20th century progress...
We can put a man on the moon...!
But we can't find a few simple
ingredients to do a magic trick.
Alright... you took them out of
the garbage can...
Say hello to trouble.
Get them into the garbage can!
You all greasy red.
Wanna rumble kid?
No, thanks.
- Messy.
- Hi.
Don't shake hands with Messy Tessy.
Fooled you!
Thank you for that...
I'm foul Phil.
Not in this lifetime.
I'm NAT nerd.
NAT is a baby!
- Hi.
- Hi , I'm Valerie Vomit.
Scared ya , didn't I?
And this little green chappy is Ali gator.
An eye ball is keep a doctor waiting.
No thank you . I'm a vegetarian.
How about a finger?
A toe?
I caused a lot of trouble,
didn't I captain?
Somehow we gotta keep this kids
out of mischief until...
we get them back in the garbage
First of all , we gotta get
you cleaned up. You could do a bath.
No! No bath!
Not you! Him!
Come on.
Don't even think about it.
Prints off.
- Here , for you.
- Thank you.
He's a cute boy.
Tasty looking toes too.
We cannot choose the way we look,
but we can choose the way we behave.
That's totally uncool.
Now listen! Since you won't go back into
the can...
You must at least promise me...
Stay out of the Normis.
- What are Normis?
- Normal people.
We gotta hide from them.
They hate us.
Yeah . They think we're ugly.
Ugliness is not in a mirror.
Ugliness is cruelty, evil of spirit,
To be blessed with unusual features...
is an advanture.
You think they bought it?
- What a
Малыши из мусорного бачка Малыши из мусорного бачка

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