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Маленькая Вера

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Shall we call the police?
Dad, are you alive?
How are you?
I cut my hand.
That's what your father got.
On his birthday.
You shouldn't have drunk so much.
One must drink with friends!
What have you done!
Especially with his own family!
He can't even fix the switch...
That's how you thank your father.
- And I've ruined my health for you.
- You'd better shut up!
That's how you love your father...
Shut up, you brute!
And you get out of my house!
I'll do you in!
Oh, my God!
You've killed him!
Good morning.
no one can see him.
- How is he?
- The same as before.
Vera, don't you understand that
Seryozha is to blame only himself.
Why should father answer for that?
Don't you remember
how he treated us?
He treated us
And father couldn't stand it anymore.
Women at work got me
a law handbook.
Read it and think!
What are we going to eat without
father? What shall we do?
Father won't bear it
if he's locked up.
Tell her, Vitya.
She can't understand simple things.
What can I tell her?
She always listened to you.
She listened
when she was little.
She has to be distracted somehow.
Take some tranquilizers.
For instance, relanium
is a very good preparation,
an antidepressant
with a relaxing action,
having a slackening effect
on the cerebrum stem.
Write out the prescription.
That's how it is.
We have to write to Moscow.
I've brought you some beer.
It's good.
Seryozha, are you asleep?
Thank God we're here.
Well? What is there to carry?
Just a minute.
Come on, come on.
Let me carry it.
Let's spread the cloth right away.
- We didn't forget anything, did we?
- I guess not.
Vitya, smooth out the corner.
The water is so warm!
Why don't you go for a swim,
daughter? Come on, go, Vera.
Mother, Vitka won't eat your bacon.
- Why not? Just taste it.
- You know I don't like it.
- Then have some juice.
- Juice? Yes.
Are you sure this picnic will help?
Who knows. The sea and fresh air
is better than any medicine.
The most important thing is
to act as if nothing happened.
Right, mommy?
What are you grinning at?
Come on, Vitya, you start,
it's your turn now.
Tell us what a good daddy
we got, what a precious daddy,
he gave us food and drink,
he kissed our buns.
And his daughter is so nasty,
she doesn't want to go to the police
and tell them that he stabbed
Seryozha by sheer accident.
Haven't you been summoned
here for that, Vitya?
You're so smart,
you've sorted everything out.
And look how smart our mother is.
You know what our mom has thought up?
What have you thought up, mommy?
Mom decided that she would tell this.
What are you going to tell?
That Seryozha ran against the knife
himself, because he was drunk.
We've nurtured a snake.
It's not her who's going
to visit father in prison.
I'll tell that it was your Seryozha
who attacked father with a knife.
Mother, you realize what you're
saying? You'll get a term for that.
I'll get no term! I'll have them
so confused they won't puzzle it out.
Who brought him into our house?
You did, not me.
She's expecting a baby!
Two babies!
She cheated on us, the bitch! You're
not a daughter, you're a degenerate!
I even didn't want to have you,
but your father insisted!
I wish I had an abortion!
- Leave me alone!
- And you don't sympathize with her!
I remember how mother
was crying bitter tears!
You had Verka
only to get an apartment.
Shut up your mouth!
To turn on your own mother!
How about taking a swim, eh?
Let's go and dive, son.
Come on!
Vereshchagin, don't start the motor!
Just look!
Kolia, hurry up!
Enough of your swimming!
Let's go for a ride, my darling!
Where's Verka?
Where's she?
- Where's Verka?
- Vera!
She's going to catch cold.
She'll be all right.
Take it easy.
Vitya, don't forget my sandals.
I won't.
Nature has no bad weather...
I'm running
Mother, take this.
- All right.
- Where's that parasite?
Don't worry, she'll come.
Маленькая Вера Маленькая Вера

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