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Маленькая Вера

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no earthly reason
Ever go to Africa for a walk.
In Africa, there're big sharks,
In Africa, there're reptiles,
There're ferocious crocodiles.
They're going to bite you...
Oh, Lena, itjust doesn't make sense.
Look, it's supposed to be...
The happiest time of my life.
And I feel like howling!
He hates my parents.
They hate him.
At night my brains are just going
to blow up.
I'm lying, looking at him,
Oh God, how
are we going to live?
I got the same situation.
- With whom?
- With Mikhail Petrovich.
What Mikhail Petrovich?
Don't you remember that cafe?
And his daughter?
How he was telling her about India?
The cafe?
Why haven't you told me?
Everything is too uncertain about us.
He's against my
enrolling in the school.
What do you mean?
Am I supposed to go there alone?
You'll be with Alevtina there.
With Alevtina?!
You may study with that cow yourself.
Some friend I've got!
We'll go away soon.
- Your mother will never let you go.
- And you get out of here!
You want me to go alone?
Stop yelling at me!
What do you have to do with it?
You're getting married!
You know how much
telephone operators earn?
Shepetovka, Magadan is calling!
- And who talked me into it?
- I did, my dear.
It's much better than washing
potties in a nursery!
- Have you got the call?
- I have.
I got it, too.
I tore it down and threw away.
When are you leaving?
He'll settle his affairs here
and we'll go.
And you didn't say a word!
How did it start between you?
Usual. We sent the daughter off
and fixed a date.
Just like everybody else.
But he's old!
Yes, old.
Always quiet.
An intellectual!
He does Yoga exercises.
He promised to teach me, too.
Standing on your ears?
- You're ignorant in those matters!
- What?
You don't know a shit.
And I know the "ha" posture.
- Ha?
- A very good posture.
Come on, show me.
Stand with legs apart as wide
as your shoulders.
Raise your arms up
Hold your breath.
- And what?
- A very useful posture.
When we're in
an unpleasant environment,
its unclean atmosphere
sticks to us.
Even when we leave it,
the feeling of disgust remains.
Doing "ha", we cleanse ourselves
of psychic poison
and resist outside influences.
Having a ball again.
Seryozha, you know,
it's father's birthday.
So we'll be drinking?
Just a little bit.
Then everyone will relax.
We'll go to bed early.
What's the matter with you?
Please, don't start.
Well, son-in-law, say a toast.
Your health.
Right, at our age
health is the most important thing.
It's high time.
Though she had to go North
to find herself a husband.
But he happens to be from our town.
So they're coming soon.
His mother is so intelligent,
she does no housework.
Right, like our friend here.
She listens to music all day,
reads books.
They play symphony on the radio,
"What music is that?"
The daughter doesn't know, of course.
So she explains what it is.
The daughter got fed up with it,
she's a simple, working woman.
"Which music is that, my dear?"
And the daughter...
What is it she said?
This is the aria of Baiser
from the opera "Jose".
She said it to spite her.
What kind of a man are you?
One can't neither talk nor drink with
you. Why do you cling to her apron?
Stop it, dad!
A man must be the master
in the house!
All right, that's it.
Let's go to bed, Vera.
Our dear son-in-law,
our precious!
You fool, he's going to dump you!
- Kolia, stop it!
- Go and kiss his ass!
And you wait!
- Come here!
- What... how you dare...
- You faggot!
- Shut up, old goat!
You fucking brat!
I'll break your neck!
Open up!
Open up now!
You shitty condom!
I said, open up!
Open up, bastard!
Open up, I say!
You all against me, bitches?
Eating my bread and turning on me?
You just wait!
I'll kill you all, shit!
Verka, you bitch!
And your mother is a bitch like you!
Open up now, bastards!
You, with your yid mugs!
He tore off the washbasin.
Маленькая Вера Маленькая Вера

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