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Маленькая Вера

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you like to read?
- Just adore it.
Do you have your favorite book?
"The Captain's Daughter".
your honor from a tender age. "
When did you start smoking?
In the 7th grade.
- And your parents knew?
- Oh, come on!
Once mother found
cigarettes in my pencil-box.
She gave me a good lashing.
So I began to hide them better.
Why have you chosen the phone
operators school?
Why are you badgering me?
I'm interested.
I don't know.
At school
we went to a telephone
station once a week.
By the way, everybody wants
to meet a phone operator.
- Really?
- Yes, really.
Do you have an aim in your life?
We have only one aim,
Seryozha, it's communism.
What do you love most?
Who was your first man?
The very first?
Is it an interrogation?
Stop pestering me. Read "Housekeeping".
It'll make you a lot smarter.
Were you in love with him?
Who was he?
He was our physics teacher.
Some old lecher?
Why old lecher? He was young,
just out of college.
Did he bang you during a lesson,
while discussing thermodynamics?
- No.
- No? How, then?
We had a Saturday voluntary work.
Chistyakova and I were
washing retorts in the lab.
Then he invited us to his place.
His wife and kids were
visiting with her parents.
After a while Chistyakova left.
And you stayed.
What was next?
Nothing was next. But after that
Chistyakova and I had no problems.
He didn't give us A's, of course.
He was afraid to.
But he didn't make us do reports.
Then his wife insisted they went
North, to make money.
And he was writing to you, right?
He sent me a postcard on
a Woman's Day.
Are you waiting for him?
No, I'm not.
A nocturnal star at a time when
it should
Above the roof will appear.
I may be as far as the pole would,
But your voice I will hear.
I will hear.
The day is rolling...
He's so funny, your Seryozha.
I was making pickles yesterday
when he came in.
"Why so many?" he asks.
"For father to get a snack with drink. "
He says, "You like it
when he's drinking?"
"No. "
"Then why prepare this snack for him?"
Like if there're no pickles,
father will quit drinking.
Do you have morning sickness?
And I felt sick all the way
till I gave birth.
Where's that friend of ours?
Reading books.
Untie that damn bag.
When I was his age, I worked
sweating my guts out.
Why should he sweat his guts out?
His parents send him money.
He got it nice and easy, right, Kolia?
I wish we had lived like that.
You bet. All that love of theirs
is kind of plutonic.
- What?
- Plutonic.
How's that?
Just like what you're having.
A nice girl would've blushed in your
place, and you're just grinning.
Why blush if I don't know
what you're talking about.
You don't know?
Why he lives here, then?
Other young people court each other
for a whole year and read poetry.
And you? Hi, meet my man.
And now we got surprises.
Seryozha, what's
plutonic love?
It's when people love each other,
but don't kiss and sleep together.
Oh, it's just like you and me, right?
Thanks, mom.
Why are your
parents so dumb?
I got no other parents.
They're all I got.
It's so boring.
Don't you think?
Vera, where's my razor?
What did you say?
Where's my razor?
Oh, you're just killing me!
- What's so funny?
- It's on the balcony.
Here, try it.
- Want some brew?
- No.
Do you think he'll like it?
He will.
There he is at last! Who's going
to water the kitchen garden?
Mother's at work, I'm busy.
I'll water your garden.
It's yours too, you nerd!
Why don't you grub something?
- And where's your hello?
- Hello, Aunt Vera.
Some dress you've made!
It's falling off me.
See? What's that?
We will add lace here.
How is he getting along with
your parents?
With parents?...
They're abusing him.
He's abusing them.
- It's just great fun!
- Will you drink today?
Yes, I will.
Don't get upset.
My mother's friend broke her son-in-
law's head, and they're doing alright.
Little children, listen!
Маленькая Вера Маленькая Вера

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