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Маленькая Вера

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He does Yoga exercises.
He promised to teach me, too.
Standing on your ears?
- You're ignorant in those matters!
- What?
You don't know a shit.
And I know the "ha" posture.
- Ha?
- A very good posture.
Come on, show me.
Stand with legs apart as wide
as your shoulders.
Raise your arms up
Hold your breath.
- And what?
- A very useful posture.
When we're in
an unpleasant environment,
its unclean atmosphere
sticks to us.
Even when we leave it,
the feeling of disgust remains.
Doing "ha", we cleanse ourselves
of psychic poison
and resist outside influences.
Having a ball again.
Seryozha, you know,
it's father's birthday.
So we'll be drinking?
Just a little bit.
Then everyone will relax.
We'll go to bed early.
What's the matter with you?
Please, don't start.
Well, son-in-law, say a toast.
Your health.
Right, at our age
health is the most important thing.
I forgot to tell you. Inna
Sergeyevna's sister got married.
It's high time.
Though she had to go North
to find herself a husband.
But he happens to be from our town.
So they're coming soon.
His mother is so intelligent,
she does no housework.
Right, like our friend here.
She listens to music all day,
reads books.
They play symphony on the radio,
and she asks her daughter-in-law:
"What music is that?"
The daughter doesn't know, of course.
So she explains what it is.
The daughter got fed up with it,
she's a simple, working woman.
So when she asked again:
"Which music is that, my dear?"
And the daughter...
What is it she said?
This is the aria of Baiser
from the opera "Jose".
She said it to spite her.
What kind of a man are you?
One can't neither talk nor drink with
you. Why do you cling to her apron?
Stop it, dad!
A man must be the master
in the house!
All right, that's it.
Let's go to bed, Vera.
Our dear son-in-law,
our precious!
You fool, he's going to dump you!
- Kolia, stop it!
- Go and kiss his ass!
And you wait!
- Come here!
- What... how you dare...
- You faggot!
- Shut up, old goat!
You fucking brat!
I'll break your neck!
Open up!
Open up now!
You shitty condom!
I said, open up!
Open up, bastard!
Open up, I say!
You all against me, bitches?
Eating my bread and turning on me?
You just wait!
I'll kill you all, shit!
Verka, you bitch!
And your mother is a bitch like you!
Open up now, bastards!
You, with your yid mugs!
He tore off the washbasin.
Shall we call the police?
Dad, are you alive?
How are you?
I cut my hand.
That's what your father got.
On his birthday.
You shouldn't have drunk so much.
One must drink with friends!
What have you done!
Especially with his own family!
He can't even fix the switch...
That's how you thank your father.
- And I've ruined my health for you.
- You'd better shut up!
That's how you love your father...
Shut up, you brute!
And you get out of my house!
I'll do you in!
Oh, my God!
You've killed him!
Good morning.
I repeat to you again:
No one can see him.
- How is he?
- The same as before.
Vera, don't you understand that
Seryozha is to blame only himself.
Why should father answer for that?
Don't you remember
how he treated us?
He treated us
And father couldn't stand it anymore.
Women at work got me
a law handbook.
Read it and think!
What are we going to eat without
father? What shall we do?
Father won't bear it
if he's locked up.
Tell her, Vitya.
She can't understand simple things.
What can I tell her?
She always listened to you.
She listened
when she was little.
She has to be distracted somehow.
Take some tranquilizers.
For instance, relanium
is a very good preparation,
an antidepressant
with a relaxing action,
having a slackening effect
on the cerebrum stem.
Write out the prescription.
That's how it is.
We have to write to Moscow.
I've brought you some beer.
It's good.
Seryozha, are you asleep?
Thank God we're here.
Well? What
Маленькая Вера Маленькая Вера

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