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Маленькая Вера

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- I lost them.
You sold them?
Lost them.
Who ever lose dollars?
You shouldn't have stuffed them
in my bag.
I couldn't go to the station with them
and get framed for currency dealings!
Lay off me.
They were Chika's dollars.
He'll switch on the ticker,
and I got no money.
I got no money either.
You goats!
What's up?
Who's that?
Don't know.
Never seen him before.
- Shall we take a walk?
- I'm dancing here.
Let go, you stinking cop!
- What do you want?
- Cool off!
Let go, bastard!
Let go! My hand hurts!
What's your name?
Vera. And yours?
The broad that was with me,
who is she to you?
She's like sister to me.
All people are brothers.
Only somehow they get
their mugs smashed.
You got cigarettes?
Who was that guy with you?
My classmate.
A classmate, that's good.
Shall we go?
- Let's go, I said!
- Get lost!
- What about you?
- I'll sleep here.
What time is it?
- Half of twelve.
- Oh, God!
Like a firefighter.
- Shall I see you home?
- No.
Do you love me?
All right...
Verochka! It's me.
- Come on, dad!
- Sorry.
Have you eaten?
Go and eat now!
I can't eat like this.
You're so...
Come sit with me.
Mother will be here any minute.
Come on, eat and go to bed.
I've missed you.
I can see.
Remember how you put me to bed
when you were little?
You were that tiny,
but you pushed me in the back!
Vera! Viktor!
Viktor what?
He's coming.
- Why?
- To see us.
What about Sonya?
Coming alone.
Dad, go and eat.
Mother will come
and make a scene again.
Why is he always coming alone?
Mom, Viktor is coming.
Start baking your pies, mother!
- Did he eat?
- Try and make him to.
Is it true?
She never believes what she's told!
He called today.
Said he's coming in 3 days.
I beg you, Kolia, be quiet.
- I'm going to shave.
- You'll cut yourself.
Fucking not!
Where's my razor?
On the balcony.
Why are you talking like that?
You know when she showed up?
Just before you.
- Where have you been?
- I had a walk.
- Where have you been?!
- Kolia, we'll sort it out ourselves.
Hiding in the bushes!
I haven't lashed you enough!
Why are you yelling?
Go and eat.
Like mother like daughter!
I'm going to shave!
You can't shave!
go and eat!
- There it goes. The circus in town.
- Oh, my heart!
It hurts!
Take your legs away.
- Your daughter is a whore!
- Yours, too.
Oh, how it hurts!
You deal with him!
Get up.
Dad, you hear me?
- Don't call her.
- Then get up yourself.
Oh, it hurts!
Come on!
- I'm going to call the ambulance.
- No, I'll get up myself.
Get up then.
You die like that and no one
will have a kind word for you.
And I've been breaking my back
for you all my life.
Ruining my health.
But no one loves me.
Everybody loves you.
Stop acting like a baby!
Hush, the neighbors will hear you.
Why be so loud?
Oh, it hurts.
Sure it hurts
when you drink so much.
Go to sleep.
- I won't.
- Sleep.
Go to bed.
I got no strength left.
Why spend all that money
on medicines?
With you...
...no medicines would be enough.
You haven't washed the floors again.
Before, in India,
according to an ancient custom,
the wife had no right
to live longer than her husband.
She was destined for an awful lot.
She was burned in the bonfire,
along with her dead husband's body.
I would have run away.
What do you think,
who is he to her?
Her first daddy, I guess.
If my mother had married
all her lovers,
I would have got 4 daddies.
The most interesting thing is
that they themselves wanted it.
In the last century
that custom was abolished.
But despite the strictest ban, there
have been cases of self-immolation.
There have been cases
of self-immolation.
Well, I wouldn't say that living
without a husband is worse than dying.
A woman was pushed into
the fire by some inner impulse.
In other words,
by the irresistible calling
of a deeply disturbed spirit.
The day after tomorrow we'
Маленькая Вера Маленькая Вера

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