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Маленькая Вера

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all right by winter.
We'll breed rabbits, make fur hats
and sell the meat at the market.
Everything'll be okey-doke.
Call us.
Next year, son, we expect you
to come with your family.
Our regards to your in-laws,
to everybody.
Go on, please.
Vitya, send us
Mishenka's photo!
Mother, the watermelon!
Vitya, the watermelon!
What do I do with it?!
- We forgot the watermelon!
- Put it in a string bag!
Oh, my God!
I've had enough of you!
I don't want it!
Why are you shoving it on me?
Pack your things.
What things?
Vitka must have flown away by now.
His bed is free.
So what?
We should occupy it.
Seryozha's moving in!
A new life
is beginning for you.
An exciting and interesting life.
Nobody's here.
Isn't it great?
We'll be all together now.
All right.
Send a telegram to Mongolia,
let your parents know.
As for the money,
my brothers and I will help.
There'll be about a hundred people
at the wedding, all our neighbors.
A car with a doll.
Like others have it.
- But how about the veil?
- The veil? We'll buy it.
They buy a veil for virgins.
Dad, Seryozha is joking.
You know what we've decided?
We decided not to have anything.
Not to have what?
No veil,
no car, no doll.
I don't want people shouting
"kiss the bride".
And how can I look people
straight in the eye after that?
Dad, let's drink.
We arranged Viktor's wedding
and we'll arrange yours.
Nothing will happen to you.
What an idea!
You just get together without us
and celebrate.
Some smart aleck you've brought here.
All right, I'm going to bed.
That's it.
We hurt his feelings.
We shouldn't have banged him
on the head like that.
Never mind, let him get used to it.
- Yes?
- May I come in?
Good morning.
Did you sleep well, Seryozha?
Just great.
Why you got such a mess
here, daughter?
This is Inna Sergeyevna's
present for you.
The books are old,
but very useful.
It's called "Housekeeping".
Well, I got to go.
Have a rest.
"To Verochka, a future housewife."
"Having good manners in society
makes a good impression,
wins people over
and may serve as the beginning
of a big friendship between
people who met in society."
- Is it clear?
- Yes.
- Vera, do you like to read?
- Just adore it.
Do you have your favorite book?
"The Captain's Daughter".
It has a good epigraph: "Cherish
your honor from a tender age."
When did you start smoking?
In the 7th grade.
- And your parents knew?
- Oh, come on!
Once mother found
cigarettes in my pencil-box.
She gave me a good lashing.
So I began to hide them better.
Why have you chosen the phone
operators school?
Why are you badgering me?
I'm interested.
I don't know.
At school
we went to a telephone
station once a week.
By the way, everybody wants
to meet a phone operator.
- Really?
- Yes, really.
Do you have an aim in your life?
We have only one aim,
Seryozha, it's communism.
What do you love most?
Who was your first man?
The very first?
Is it an interrogation?
Stop pestering me. Read "Housekeeping".
It'll make you a lot smarter.
Were you in love with him?
Who was he?
He was our physics teacher.
Some old lecher?
Why old lecher? He was young,
just out of college.
Did he bang you during a lesson,
while discussing thermodynamics?
- No.
- No? How, then?
We had a Saturday voluntary work.
Chistyakova and I were
washing retorts in the lab.
Then he invited us to his place.
His wife and kids were
visiting with her parents.
After a while Chistyakova left.
And you stayed.
What was next?
Oh, what was next!
Nothing was next. But after that
Chistyakova and I had no problems.
He didn't give us A's, of course.
He was afraid to.
But he didn't make us do reports.
Then his wife insisted they went
North, to make money.
And he was writing to you, right?
He sent me a postcard on
a Woman's Day.
Are you waiting for him?
No, I'm not.
A nocturnal star at a time when
it should
Above the roof
Маленькая Вера Маленькая Вера

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