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Маленькая Вера

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your education, then...
But now it's out of the question.
Mom, I think
I'm going to have a baby.
- What?
- I think I'm pregnant.
Don't you understand
what I'm saying?
Vitya, go and drink
some juice from the fridge.
It's nice and cold, sonny.
- What were you thinking about?
- He wants to marry me.
Will you tell father yourself?
All right.
All right?
You want a boy or a girl?
A boy.
You stupid.
I wanted a girl,
to help me about the house.
Where's that fucking fiance?
Stop it, father,
it's not good.
Lay off me, at least you.
Vera! Father!
Here I am.
You gone crazy or what?
- It's too hot today.
- Dressed up like a clown...
This is Seryozha.
Sergey. Nice to meet you.
Oh, I got my hands busy.
I'm Aunt Rita.
I feel nervous...
- Well, come on in.
- Thank you.
Come in.
Feel yourself at home.
- Where to?
- This way.
- Sit down, Seryozha.
- Sit down.
- He's justjoking.
- I love to joke.
We love to joke too, right?
We do.
Take some bread.
Let's eat.
Bread has all the vitamins.
Right, one should eat bread.
Put it for father.
- You'll drink your own?
- Right.
All right, let's drink
to everybody's health.
As the saying goes, right ahead
and with a song.
To our meeting.
Vera! Vitya! Father!
Not drinking bottoms up to health?
It's not the way to do it.
It's too hot.
Fill up your plate.
There's eggplant caviar too.
- You like it?
- I like everything.
Vera, help him.
And what are we doing?
We're studying. Finishing college.
After college,
we're going to devote ourselves
to the chosen specialty
and, of course,
to our beloved family.
I see.
And your parents?
The parents are in
fraternal Mongolia.
Will come back in a year.
And what are you doing,
if it's no secret?
Good for him, he knows
how to stand up for himself.
Our mother is a dispatcher at
a garment factory, and I'm a driver.
Very interesting.
Let's drink to you, the parents.
No. Wine for me.
All right.
- Right ahead, as the saying goes.
- And with a song.
And to your parents,
may they be happy there.
Thank you very much.
You're a poor drinker, Sergey.
One can't drink wine in a gulp.
You should taste the bouquet first.
You see, father? The bouquet.
I don't get it.
Have you all gone crazy?
Just look at him.
- You look at yourself, scarecrow!
- Shut up, you snot!
What's the matter with you, children?
Doing it in front of strangers...
He's one of us now.
And you, beat it to your stinking
Oh, it's not nice!
Let's drink to everything good.
- Forgive us, Seryozha.
- It's nothing.
- We're forgiving them, right?
- Come on, stop it.
Sonny, eat some duckling.
Well, we got to go.
Thank you.
Come on, Vera.
Seryozha, how about drinking
to you and Vera?
You hardly ate anything.
Got acquainted all right...
Why did you do it?
Mother took time off from work.
And you just spat at them like a pig.
Like a camel.
What difference does it make?
Why were they so happy to see me,
as if they've waited for it all life?
I told them...
that we're expecting a baby.
What's the matter with you...
Is that true?
Is that true?
No, it's not true.
You want it so much?
The day of your registration is
October 27 at 12.
You have to come 10 minutes earlier.
Write it down.
You don't have to. I'll give you
an invitation with the date and time.
An invitation
to our own wedding?
Yes, with it you can go
to the newlyweds' shop,
order a car and visit a fashion
house and a hairdressing salon.
Guys, you're just killing me,
so many of you here!
A metallurgist. A comrade.
Nice meeting you.
- A fraternal country.
- I got it.
The YAK-40 plane, flight 161 from
Kiev, has just landed.
She could've come and seen
her brother off.
Come on, mom, we can do
without her.
You... how you doing...
I'm okay.
And we... We'll have
to marry Verka off.
I don't know how we'll manage.
Don't worry, mother,
we'll be
Маленькая Вера Маленькая Вера

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