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Маленькая Вера

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adults are equally...
And why did you leave your Sonya?
Vera, you're incorrigible.
You'd better listen.
Listen to whom?
You're talking some bullshit.
He himself doesn't believe in
what he's saying.
Why do you speak
to your brother like that?
Barge in!
This is me!
And this is me.
How can you eat that filth?
There's nothing else to eat.
- Are you comfortable like this?
- Nah.
Me neither.
- I love you so much.
- Hurray!
Give me your can opener.
He was adored by women for
what no one should know about.
- It's not on the table.
- Look somewhere else.
Where's he?
Where's our tiger?
Where's this dormitory's
sexual pulse beating?
- The pulse is busy.
- Busy with what?
What are you busy with?
All right!
What you should know about AIDS.
Let's see.
Avoid casual
sexual relations
and contacts
with homosexuals...
Sokolov, don't be a jerk,
give me the opener.
...drug addicts
and persons
leading promiscuous
sexual, Seryozha, life!
Who's that?
An old acquaintance.
- Hi.
- Hi, buddy.
- Are you here for long?
- For a week.
How are you living here without me?
- I'm doing all right.
- I can see. Metallurgist!
Vitya, we can't wait
to have you with us.
Coming, my dear.
How about the opener?
You got me.
Are you blind or what?
Vitya, we're off.
Who's the broad?
That one? A high school graduate.
I don't see anything here
to put under my sciatic nerves.
Hi, Vitya.
What are you doing here?
My dear.
- And you?
- Do you know each other?
- I'm asking you!
- Just sitting.
she's my little sis.
All people are brothers, Vitya.
So you're just sitting, right?
I know a man who was sitting
drunk on a windowsill.
Of course, he fell down from the 3rd
floor. His brains all out of his ears.
They brought him to our hospital.
I gave him one chance in a hundred.
He hadn't used it.
So he died.
Yes. Yes.
What is it between you two, Vera?
It's love between us, Vitya.
So you've ripened up to it, right?
And what do you need her for?
- What do you need me for?
- I want to marry her.
Isn't that true, Vera?
Do you want to be my wife?
- I do!
- You see?
I can't get you, guys.
- It's not for everyone to get it.
- It's not like stuffing brains back.
Just look at him carefully.
Women will be throwing themselves on
him, and you'll be able to do nothing.
In a week he'll dump you.
What is it you don't like about me?
- I'm going to call mother.
- Wrecking the factory's production.
Come home and father will give you
everything: Husband, wife and factory.
Go home now, I said!
She's already going.
Well, shall we go?
To get married.
What do you mean 'why'?
To live together.
- Always.
- Really?
You'll wake up at night and
see me beside you, always.
You'll be cooking
delicious dinners for me.
Sure. Only I hate it
when someone's sleeping beside me.
And I can't cook.
You don't want to marry me?
I do!
There she is!
A fresh-cooked bride.
A harbor whore!
So you itch to get married?
And did you ask your parents?
I'll knock this nonsense out of you!
I'll get you locked up here!
Where does he live?
Where does he live, Verka?
Vitya, where does that bastard live?
I don't remember.
I'll find him!
I don't know what I'm going to do!
Instead of studying,
she's been messing with men!
Have you got the call from the school?
Have you got it, I'm asking?!
What a shame!
What will our neighbors say now?
You didn't like it, living with your
parents, you bitch?
Go away, don't torment me.
Mommy, dear.
Mommy dear! Father will never
let you get married.
You know, I love him so much!
What can you know about love?
I loved your dad too when I got
married to him and his three brothers.
You've told me about it already.
You should listen again.
My mother was right when she said I'd
get worn out by cooking and washing.
Then I had Viktor, but I got
no help. That's love for you.
Put it out of your head.
When you get
Маленькая Вера Маленькая Вера

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