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Маленькая Вера

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You will.
You'll have no choice.
I love someone else.
You'll come running to me
when I begin to go overseas.
Yeah, I'll stand on the pier,
crying bitter tears.
Let's go out and have fun.
Catch it!
- Where's all the people?
- Swimming.
Well, forget the people.
Come on, Tolyan!
My sweet pioneer days.
Where's the knife?
Where's the knife?
All right, where's the knife?
The knife!
- Where's the knife?
- I don't know.
How is our relationship
with young man Sergey developing?
Just great!
Oh, is it so?
Yes, it is so.
Are you looking for me?
A helpless man is drowning in the sea.
A smile on his face,
but what a tragedy!
How did you find me, dear?
- You made it up yourself?
- Sure. Just now.
You're a very talented person.
Your poems really make
an indelible impression.
- Thank you very much!
- Shut up. He came to me.
So the flowers are not for me?
Oh God!
Two loving eyes just say a mass.
Inflamed, I walk in a cloud of gas.
Tolyan, are you leaving too?
- Please.
- Bye, guys.
- Hello.
- Good afternoon.
Here's her bag.
Chika is here.
- So what?
- Talk to him.
I'll talk when I see him.
Talk to him tomorrow.
He'll do nothing to you.
But me, he'll put on a hit list.
- Will you talk to him?
- All right.
Andrei, come on down!
Good boy.
Let's go and jump.
Don't be scared, I'll hold you.
- How are you going to hold me?
- Come on, Vera, I'll hold you.
I'm not going.
Vera, what's the matter with you?
Come on!
Are you nuts?
I'm on high heels.
Oh, stop it! Don't kiss me!
I want to sit down.
Right here.
Oh, it's good!
You really got to me, Andrei!
Hey, where are you going?
All right, sailor, cheer up!
Remember your native shores.
It's not too late, there's no point
For me to leave this groovy joint.
I'm having a ball, I'm getting drunk!
The intelligent people live on
Brighton Beach,
Some of them poor, some of them rich...
I love you!
Quiet. Quiet.
See the ladder?
Got it.
I got you.
A helpless man...
is drowning in the sea.
Oh, God...
A smile on his face, but what
a tragedy!
Come here.
Give me your hand.
Come on, come here.
Come, my darling.
Give me your hand,
Seryozha, or I'll leave.
Give me your hand.
You want me to break my neck?
- Come on, come here.
- Oh, it's so good!
Just a few steps left.
Come on, my darling.
Oh, you feel so warm!
What do you think you're doing?
Your mother didn't sleep a wink
all night, looking out for you!
- You knew where I was.
- Yes, we knew.
But where were you after that?
Andrei was back home at 10:30,
all wet. Why did he get all wet?
You better ask him why he was wet.
I will ask him. I want to know
everything to the last second!
You just want to look like that friend
of yours in everything!
Have you got the call from the school?
- You got the call from the school?!
- I don't know.
She doesn't know! Wait till
Viktor comes, he'll know everything!
Let him see
what you've grown up into!
All right, come here.
- What?
- Let me smell your breath.
- Are you a traffic officer?
- Breathe.
You breathe yourself.
Do as I tell!
And again.
Let's go, his plane must have landed.
Why didn't you bring Sonya along?
I say, why didn't you bring Sonya?
We decided to give each other
a little respite.
What do you mean?
Well... it's kind of hard to explain.
You could at least have brought
the kid.
It's too hot here.
How you doing, Vera?
Me? Better than anybody else.
- She got out of hand!
- There we go again.
First of all, you got to understand
that a child in the family
is notjust an object
to be constantly controlled
and made demands on.
The child should be
a controller and demander, too.
There're days in the family
when the master is the father.
But there must be also days
when the master is Vera
and everybody should obey Vera.
There's nothing funny about it.
In the families where this is done,
the children and
Маленькая Вера Маленькая Вера

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