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Маленькая Вера

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Who is it? Sonya?
Sonya, why didn't you call us lately?
How's Mishenka? Is he all right?
It's very hot here.
And you got rains?
Oh, it's too bad.
Why don't you come to visit?
Mishenka would eat plenty of fruit.
They must be very expensive
at your market.
Mishenka, my sweetie!
Say something to your
grandma, honey.
Oh, he said "ganma"!
And how does my little one sing?
Oh, how he's singing, my darling!
Sonya, did he get
any new teeth?
That's all right, they'll pop up.
Sonya, is Viktor home?
Get him for me.
Vitya, it's your mom calling.
It's about Vera.
I got into her bag today,
I needed a pen.
And I saw some
strange piece of paper there.
I unfolded it.
And it was 20 foreign dollars.
Yes, 20 dollars.
She says she walked and found it
on the ground.
Since when have we had dollars
lying about on the ground?
I'm telling her: "Go to the police
and tell them how it happened."
And she doesn't want to!
Wait, Vitya.
Vera! Verka!
Open up now!
Come on, do something!..
Vitya, can you believe
what she's doing?
Open up!
She locked herself up in the bathroom!
Where's the money?
What are you saying?
She tore the dollars up
and flushed them down the toilet!
I got no patience anymore!
She won't listen to us!
She smokes,
she hangs about the hell knows where!
Vitya, you talk to her.
Come here!
Yes? Hi.
Sure, I'm already running.
What did Viktor tell you?
Don't smoke.
It's bad for your health.
Do as the parents tell.
He's right.
Remember, Vera, you must
cherish your honor from a tender age.
I got to go.
Is everything all right with Victor?
Yes, he's all right.
Will you go there?
Sure I will.
They won't work without me.
You got summons from the school?
What? You want a fight?
Let's get out of here.
To go where?
To my place.
I've got cool cassettes.
- So what?
- We can watch the video.
Let's wait for Chistyakova
and take her along.
I got a call
from the naval school.
Will have to go soon.
Why are you staring?
To remember you better.
Vera, Vera, Vera dear,
Like a slender twig you steer!
- Where's the dollars?
- I lost them.
You sold them?
Lost them.
Who ever lose dollars?
You shouldn't have stuffed them
in my bag.
I couldn't go to the station with them
and get framed for currency dealings!
Lay off me.
They were Chika's dollars.
He'll switch on the ticker,
and I got no money.
I got no money either.
You goats!
What's up?
Who's that?
Don't know.
Never seen him before.
- Shall we take a walk?
- I'm dancing here.
Let go, you stinking cop!
- What do you want?
- Cool off!
Let go, bastard!
Let go! My hand hurts!
What's your name?
Vera. And yours?
The broad that was with me,
who is she to you?
She's like sister to me.
All people are brothers.
Only somehow they get
their mugs smashed.
You got cigarettes?
Who was that guy with you?
My classmate.
A classmate, that's good.
Shall we go?
- Let's go, I said!
- Get lost!
- What about you?
- I'll sleep here.
What time is it?
- Half of twelve.
- Oh, God!
Like a firefighter.
- Shall I see you home?
- No.
Do you love me?
All right...
Verochka! It's me.
- Come on, dad!
- Sorry.
Have you eaten?
Go and eat now!
I can't eat like this.
You're so...
Come sit with me.
Mother will be here any minute.
Come on, eat and go to bed.
I've missed you.
I can see.
Remember how you put me to bed
when you were little?
You were that tiny,
but you pushed me in the back!
Vera! Viktor!
Viktor what?
He's coming.
- Why?
- To see us.
What about Sonya?
Coming alone.
Dad, go and eat.
Mother will come
and make a scene again.
Why is he always coming alone?
Mom, Viktor is coming.
Start baking your pies, mother!
- Did he eat?
- Try and make him to.
Is it true?
She never believes what she's told!
He called today.
Said he's coming in 3 days.
Маленькая Вера Маленькая Вера

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