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Маленькая Вера

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Where's the bag?
I put the jar in it,
it's under my feet.
You're going to overturn it.
Look, it's hail!
Oh, it's nothing. A diplomat came
from South America and told me
that one pellet of hail there
weighs about half a kilo.
Oh, come on!
Give me my jacket.
- Thank God cows can't fly.
- What?
We're lucky cows can't fly.
- What cows?
- Those with cakes of shit.
We didn't get along.
We often had fights.
He used to beat me.
It annoyed my father,
but he liked it.
I got a subpoena
about the Alkhimichev case.
You should go there.
Did your father drink often?
- No.
- How many times a week?
- Try to remember.
- I don't know.
All right, go on.
Year of birth?
- Education?
- High school.
Place of work?
I'm waiting to be drafted.
- Is that some kind of work?
- I'm not working temporarily.
- I'm listening.
- It was father's birthday.
We were drinking tea, eating a cake.
Were you not sober
on the night of July 2?
You were eating a cake.
That's clear. What was next?
Well, we had a drink or two.
Just a bit. We were with girls.
Chika, who was
at the next table...
Then suddenly he attacked me
with his fists.
...Pay back your debt, he says.
What debt?
Are you nuts?
give back the debt.
Father asked him
to stop that outrage.
What's Chika's name?
Don't get distracted.
Valera Ostapchuk.
So he comes to me again
and says, "Give me an ashtray. "
The man wanted to smoke.
He couldn't shake ashes off
on the plate.
Then Sergey locked him up
in the bathroom.
- Whom? Your father?
- Yes.
And I let father out.
His table was to the right of mine.
Why did you throw
the ashtray to the left?
Father insisted on his demands,
he threatened him with a knife.
- Are you going to lunch?
- Yes.
Who threatened whom with a knife?
How did the ashtray end up
in Parashina's cheek?
- Seryozha threatened Dad.
- What?
I don't know.
I guess it was Chika.
Seryozha threatened Dad.
Let's record it.
Those Armenians who were
at the table with Parashina,
they went for me
and fractured my scull.
I never saw those Armenians before.
I don't know who that Parashina is.
One of those Armenians hit me
on the head with a chair.
In her statement, Parashina
writes that she noticed
that you took aim at Ostapchuk
with forks and knives,
tried to break his eyeglasses,
spitted, used obscenities,
violated order and showed
disrespect for those around you.
As for Parashina, you threatened her
with sexual intercourse
of unnatural order.
Your actions are qualified
under the article...
During the first interrogation
you said that at the moment
your father stabbed Sergey
you were in the other room
and didn't see anything.
Tell me why you decided
to change your testimony?
She's just... she's slandering me,
that Parashina!
How can you believe her?
I passed the ashtray over to Chika.
I was in a shock, I got very scared.
But he didn't catch it.
But then... I decided to come
and tell you everything.
Tell how it really was, right?
- Well? What?
- What "what"?
The hen goes cluck-cluck!
Did you tell as I said?
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Here, take it.
Viktor said to take it
5 times a day.
Take it, daughter.
Will we go to Seryozha together
or you'll go alone?
Or I can go without you?
We'll come home,
I'll cook and then go.
And you can lie down and sleep.
See how good everything turns out?
And you'll go to him tomorrow.
Are you missing him?
I'll go now.
Don't worry, next year
we'll be all right.
We'll lease a field with my brothers.
I found a chairman who agreed.
We'll plant watermelons.
We got the truck.
Remember our
neighbor in Novoselovka?
He has fresh watermelons on the New
Year eve. He keeps them in straw.
Vera, the broth is in the bottle,
and I put some fruits too.
Vera, why are you so sad?
Oh God, I poured it all over.
- Never mind.
- Well, it's nothing.
Here. But take care that
it's not
Маленькая Вера Маленькая Вера

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