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use it and she said yes.
- Ah, Progressive concePt.
- We make a great couPle:
me and my outfit.
Oh. Sorry Bobby couldn't
come home for the holidays.
You must really miss him.
I've learned to aPPreciate
the finer things in life.
I even travel with my own wine.
You never know the quality
you may encounter at a soiree.
Very classy.
Mm-hmm. I'm into class.
It's my new thing.
Oh, whooPs. Sorry.
So sorry. So dumb. I'm so wasted.
Oh... I am so wasted.
Lie down.Just for a second.
- [Laughing]
- Hey, we're closed
for the holidays!
- God. Hey, take it easy, guys.
- Close it, please!
Oh, Ronnie, I'm so happy...
I'm going out with
the hottest guy in school.
- Oh, I am hot.
- Face it, Ronnie.
You're it right now.
Oh... I'm it,
and that's why you're with me.
No. You won't resPect me.
I resPect you. Immensely.
And intensely.
- [Moans] You do?
- I do.
"This summer, my wish is for you
to hold me...
"in your arms...
"in a sea of deep blue...
"together at last,
- as two."
- [Iris] Oh, Ronnie.
####[New Wave Rock]
- Damn, Bobby,
what are you doin' here?
- It's New Year's.
##From the walls of Tokyo
I've come to
London town to go ##
So, Ricky and John tell me
you're a connoisseur of fine wines.
No shit? Are you new here?
Uh-huh. I just transferred.
Thanks, man. I owe you one.
##And I'm dancin'
with myself... oh, oh ##
Hey, you guys! It's 11:27.
- 33 more minutes!
- Whoo! Yeah!
Ronnie! Iris!
Come here. Have a brew.
##Dancin' with myself...
Oh, oh ##
To true friends...
and a wild lady.
- The only way to fly.
- I'll drink to that.
##But your empty eyes
Seem to pass me by ##
Check it out, Bobby.
##So let's sink another drink
'Cause it'll give me
time to think ##
- The man. The mick.
What's haPPenin'?
- Quinton.
Who's Iris' latest victim?
Oh,you got it backwards,
Bobby. He's victimizing her.
##Dancin' with myself ##
- Ronnie Miller's nailed
every wench in school.
- Ronald Miller?
He couldn't get nailed in wood shop.
Well, the man has reached
legendary status this year, bro.
You ain't a legend 'til you score
the caPtain of the cheerleaders.
##Ooohhhh... Ooowwww ##
Come on. I don't buy it.
Hey, no freakin' way!
Come on, Quint! Don't even think
of holdin' out on me...
or I'll kill you.
## Well, I looked
all over the world ##
##And there's every
type of girl ##
##Leave me dancin' with myself
So let's sink another drink ##
Hi! How are you?
## 'Cause it'll give me
time to think
If I had a chance...##
- Go get 'im.
Cindy and Bobby's relationshiP
is so totally together.
He's a lawn boy.
He makes 35 cents an hour.
Listen uP, dude.
The shit's gonna hit the fan.
-[Cindy] Listen!
I'm not gonna put up with it!
- We were faking, okay?
- Bullshit!
No, it was an act.
Bobby, he Paid me!
Then that makes you a Prostitute!
##Oh, oh, oh-ohh ##
-##Oh, oh, oh-ohh ##
- You!
##Oh, oh, oh-ohh
Dancin' with myself ##
##Oh, oh, oh-ohh
Oh, my room's all wet
with my sweat...####
[Record Scratches,
Music StoPs]
Even Bobby thinks we went out.
Great, huh? Ha!
All of you thought
we were a couple. What a joke!
Ronald Miller Paid me 1,000 bucks
to Pretend I liked him.
What a deal, huh?
$1,000 to go out with him
for a month. This guy.
Oh, God. He bought me.
And he bought all of you.
He was sick and tired
of being a nobody.
Yeah, and he said that
all of you guys would
worship him if we went out.
And I didn't believe that.
I was, like, no way!
And he was right!
No, leave me alone.
He was right. Our little Plan
worked, didn't it, Ronald?
The dance. That stupid dance!
What a bunch of followers
you guys are.
I mean, at least I got...
At least I got Paid.
Come on.
Ricky? John?
[Clears Throat]
Get out of my house.
Uh... Yeah. We'll clear
everything uP tomorrow.
Любовь нельзя купить Любовь нельзя купить

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