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one lunch.
There are five days
in a school week.
- All right, Donald, two lunches.
- Three lunches.
- And the PeP rally on Friday.
- Four lunches. That's it!
Okay, deal. Now, just remember,
this is our sworn secret
for life or longer.
- You Promise.
- Yeah, yeah. I Promise.
Anyway, how bad could it be, right?
It's only for one week.
No, no, it's one month. One month.
Yeah, I know. Okay, one month.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Now if I'm gonna do this
for one day, we have to do
something about your style.
I mean, it's like nonexistent.
Okay? Take off that hat.
[Can Hissing]
And... rub that in.
Okay, um, take off those glasses.
Here you go.
Let me take a look at you.
NoPe. Turn around.
Oh, sh...
Okay, here you go. Your sleeve.
- [Chuckles]
- Don't worry about it. You look fine.
Turn around and back uP.
- Yes, yes, big imProvement.
- Yes.
Okay, Donald, we're ready.
- Oh, Cindy, one last thing.
- Yeah?
My name is Ronald, not Donald.
- Let's do it.
- That's right. Let's do it.
Should I Put my collar uP?
- Hey, dude!
- Hey, man.
[Girls Laughing]
What's happenin', homes?
If we win a basketball trophy,
put it down there.
- We want ours to be all alone.
- Man, look at...
- Who's the dick with ears?
- Oh, yeah, man. It's
that wimP ass Miller guy.
- I don't get it.
- It must be for charity.
- I think that's Ronald Miller.
- No way!
It must be a... transfer.
Wrong, and I think I'm Puking.
Hi, Pats, Barb.
- Um, you all know Ronnie.
- Yeah, I think.
Didn't you, like,
used to mow our lawn?
Yes, and you have the nicest Pair
of rhododendrons in town.
Rhoda who?
- Dendrons.
- I'll see you guys in Home Ec.
- What did he say?
- I don't care.
Dig on his shirt.
Well, class, any interesting
exPeriments this summer?
Uh, yeah, well, uh,
I grew sPores and fungi...
in my Parents' refrigerator
this summer.
Now he's homeless.
- How come you didn't
meet me in the library?
- Sorry. I forgot.
First day and all.
- What's with the weird outfit?
- Um, it's a designer original.
- Yeah, how's the new telescoPe?
- Well, I didn't exactly buy it yet.
A thousand dollars is a great deal
to Part with, and I don't...
Mr. Miller,you seem
quite talkative this morning.
Why don't you recite the bones of
the uPPer aPPendicular skeleton?
- Ooh!
- [Laughing]
- All 64.
- [Sighs]
- [Sizzling]
- [Chattering]
- [GulPs, BurPs]
- Oh, God,John.
You are such a Pig.
- God.
- Well...
since you guys
are all wimPing out, I'll
get to the main issue here.
Cindy, what were you doing
with the lawn boy?
- We're friends.
- Since when?
Excuse me, Cindy.
"Friends"? Come on.
Well, what about Bobby?
Yeah, come on. We just want
some answers, all right?
Guys, why don't you
take a look at my forehead?
Do you see a sign
that says "information"?
- Ooh!
- I didn't think so.
- Girl!
- Taste, Please.
Hey, come on!
I know that lunch was Part
of our deal, but I didn't think
it meant the same table.
Well, I thought it would be
a little more believable.
- Yeah, I guess you're right.
Anyway, you did treat.
- Yes.
Aren't you in the wrong section?
Losers are to the left.
Then I guess
you'll be making a right.
That's the asshole section.
Oh! You need a maP,John?
We've only been sitting
at that table for three years.
Well, look. That wimP ass Miller
is Parked in our zone.
Lighten uP. How bad could he be?
He's with Cindy. Come on.
You all know Ronnie?
Yeah, we were in, uh,
sixth grade together.
Uh, but I haven't
seen him since then.
I read in the PaPer that you
and Ricky will Probably make all-county,
maybe even all-state this season.
- Oh, really? You go to the game?
- Every one.
- I never seen ya there.
- I have.
You sit in the visiting section,
don't you?
- [Laughing]
- Yeah, he sits there
to razz the other team.
- It's
Любовь нельзя купить Любовь нельзя купить

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