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for four months.
Yeah, that's a good point.
$250 a month for those
-- isn't an unwise investment.
-- Yeah?
Check this out, guys.
You're gonna love this.
-- Direct hit.
-- Yow!
[ Laughing ]
Didn't you take economics?
You could've had me for $49.95.
[ Laughter ]
[ Laughs ]
It's the nerd--mobile.
[ Patty ]
Yeah, right----
on automatic pilot.
[ Barbara ]
Like we're not supposed to know
who's spying on us...
in the spaz--mobile.
I could've sworn that a couple
of girls I knew got very
comfortable in that spaz--mobile.
-- [Whirring ]
-- [ chattering ]
[ Boy #1 ]
Okay, this is my high score.
[ Boy #2 ]
Dave,you can beat me!
[ Laughs ]
You could at least
acknowledge my existence.
You think this is easy for me?
[ Exhales ]
I know I was an asshole to you
and to thousands of others.
But, Kenneth----
Kenneth, it's you I gotta
straighten this out with.
-- You shit on my house, man!
-- I know.
-- Kenneth----
-- You shit on my house!
You shit on my house.
I know, Kenneth.
[ Sobbing ]
I know.
The quizwill cover every muscle
from the levator scapula...
to the spinalis thoracis.
--[ cheerleaders ] T---- U---- c----
--It will consist of 15 multiple
choices and fiive mini--essays.
--S---- O---- N.
-- Your score will then account...
-- T---- U---- C---- S---- O---- N.
--for 20% of your fiinal grade.
Good luck.
[ chattering ]
Hi, Cindy.
[ School Bell Dinging ]
I'm sorry about having
to come in here.
But I have to talk to you.
I realize what a jerk I became.
All I ever did
was think about you,
dream about being
part of your life.
[ Exhales ]
And then I got that stupid idea.
And I let it turn me
into something I'm not.
[ Toilet Flushes ]
You sure did, sicko pervert!
I remember you from the dance.
-- You morally depraved psycho!
--[ Ronald ] Ow!
Detention---- one month!
Becky, will you please
hand me that other one?
-- You nuked my brother.
-- What?
You took him from geek status
to king status to no status.
Chuckie Miller, right?
He's resorted to sending
his messenger boy?
Boy? I see no boy here!
[ Coughs ]
You think you shut me up?
I didn't? Well, let me try again.
The babe said it was good
for my complexion.
[Whispering Calculations ]
-- [ Knocking ]
--[ Mom ] cynthia?
[ Knocking continues ]
There's a call for you on my line.
Somebody named Donald.
[ Sighs ]
I don't know anybody named Donald.
-- Tell him I'm out of
the country or something.
-- Okay.
I know she's in the country,
Mrs. Mancini. I saw her today.
Well, my daughter
doesn't know anyone named----
Ronald, is that you?
Why did you say
your name was Donald?
Uh---- I guess I made a mistake. Bye--bye.
[ Exhales ]
Mom, what'd he say?
First, he's a geek.
And then you start going out with him.
And then he's a geek again.
Honey, I don't know
what a geek is.
I guess, at the present time,
a geek is Ronald Miller.
Who says? Hmm?
[ Lawn Mower Engine Whirring ]
--[ Ronald Singing Loudly,
Indistinct ]
--[ Lawn Mower Engine continues ]
Oh, my God!
[ cindy ]
Would you stop it?
Stop it! The neighbors, man!
Listen, all right?
Hold on!Just turn it off!.
My mother was calling
the police, until I told her
you had a chemical imbalance...
and you are seeking
psychiatric help!
-- [ Panting ]
I need to talk to you.
-- Fine.
Every time I called,
you were either taking
a bath, washing your hair.
Or you were out of the country.
That was a good one, by the way.
I tried to get you alone at school,
but I got a month's detention.
Yeah, you're very big
in bathrooms, aren't you?
Cindy, just hear me out.
And then I'll leave you alone. Okay?
Oh! You t---- You demolished me
New Year's Eve.
But see----
I realize you did me a favor.
You brought me back to reality.
All I ever wanted to do
was get close to you.
And then, when I finally got
there, it wasn't me anymore.
Cindy---- Oh,
Любовь нельзя купить Любовь нельзя купить

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