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listen. It doesn't matter
if they know the whole routine.
We have to look for rhythm.
- [phone Ringing]
- That's true. I'll get it!
[Ringing Continues]
Hello! Cindy Mancini.
put on Channel Five!
Bobby's on! Thank you.
- Are you serious?
- Oh, my gosh!
- You gotta be a little homesick.
- It is Bobby.
- Let me ask you.
- Great.
What's the one special thing
you miss most about
the old hometown?
- Cindy's name on TV!
- Mind if I get
a little personal?
- Whoo-oo!
- What I really miss the most...
always made me feel so good
after football practice.
- You're so lucky, Cindy.
- I miss that hydro massage machine...
back in the old
high school gym.
Well, the old high school
misses you too, Bobby Hilton.
Good luck with the Hawkeyes.
- Stocky Jones...
- Cindy.
Hey, you guys, it's no felony.
Come on. I mean, he's got a lot
on his mind, right?
- Oh, yeah.
- Football and everything.
Yeah. Okay.
- Look, we're late, okay? Let's go.
- Yeah.
[Engine Revving]
Five, six, seven, eight.
- And one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
- [Whistle Blows]
-####[Dance pop]
- One, two and four.
-##I can't take this anymore ##
Hit seven, hit eight.
All right! Ha, ha,!
Okay, good stuff!
Five, six, seven, eight.
And one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
-Come on,you guys.
Come on!
- [Whistle Blows]
Arms up. Yes!
Whoo!All right.
Keep smilin'. Let's go!Yeah.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven...
Hey, Ronald!
Thought you were gonna
meet me in the library.
Buy your telescope yet?
You better soon, or
you're gonna miss the sale.
A thousand dollars
is grand larceny as it is.
- What? Are you worried
about the capital outlay?
- No, I was just thinking...
about the cool clique?
Why would you be thinking
about them? They're certainly
not conscious of us.
That's my point. Wouldn't you
like to hang with them?
You have been hanging
on Cindy Mancini's lawn
for what? Five years?
I bet she doesn't
even know your name.
You got a crush on Cindy?
- Huh?
- No.
Well, most living organisms do,
but she's way out of our league.
-She's even out of their league.
- Okay, freeze! Good!
All right.
Looked good, both of you.
- It's fun.
- Oh, good. Look, here comes
the sleaze master himself.
Lovely ladies. Miss Mancini.
- Thank you.
Like I knew you would.
- Why don't you take
a shower, Quint?
- A cold one.
- Yeah, definitely.
- Ten seconds flat
in full pads, yeah.
- All-state this year, no question.
- No question!
Tell 'em about the party.
Uh, hey, guys.
Back-to-school party at my place.
- Cool!
- I'm there.
I'm thrilled.
Check it out, dudes. New recruits.
Being a senior's gonna be
a beautiful thing.
I can taste it now, man. Hold my pad.
This is supposed to be
the biggest year of our lives.
The prom, parties, homecoming.
We're supposed to have memories.
We'll have plenty of memories.
Yearbook committee, video parlor,
card games on Saturday nights.
Cards are for retards.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it that way.
We do have a lot of great memories.
But be honest.
Wouldn't you like to be popular?
And have to be in a clique? No!
What happened to us?
We were all friends in elementary.
That's because we were all forced
to be in the same room together.
But, hey, junior high,
high school. Forget it.
Jocks became jocks.
Cheerleaders became cheerleaders.
We became us. I like us.
- [Mimicking]
"I like us."
- I do.
I just think it would
be more fun to party with
those guys our senior year.
- Go to the games.
- We go to all the games.
We sit in the visiting section,
Kenneth, at our own school.
I told you and told you.
- Mom!
- Where have you been?
Now there's the answer, buddy.
If you want to be popular,
you get one of those...
[Gears Grinding]
and you get one of those.
Yeah, right, my fifteen hundred
Любовь нельзя купить Любовь нельзя купить

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