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- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Ronald, whatever happens with
the popularity thing, you know...
stay yourself.
Don't change to please them.
Me change? Tsk. Never.
That's right. I'm here! Ha, ha!
Feelin' good. Hey, babies. How
ya doin', man? Good to see ya...
- Oh, Ronnie!
- Oh, ladies, you look beautiful.
That's all right. Mom, Dad,
send money, please. I'm broke.
Hey, man, good to see ya.
Good to see ya. Good to see ya.
- All I'm asking for is one date.
- [Cindy] No!
Oh, ladies, you're lookin' Fine this A. M.
Thanks, Ronnie. Lookin'
rather tasty yourself.
- Ooh. [Chuckles]
- I love your hair.
- It's so... so saturated.
- [Scoffs]
- It's nothin' maJor, just a little mousse.
- Yeah, 42 gallons.
- You're taking me to Scoops Saturday
night. - Saturday night?
- Yeah. - Yeah, I believe I
have that evening liberated.
- Wonderful.
- I hope so.
Ronnie, this is gonna be tougher than
I thought. I'm gonna need your advice.
- Barbara, I was gonna ask him out!
- Relax, Pats.
- It's only October.
- Yeah, right!
[Boy] Wait for me!
[Barbara] How about some tunes?
- Your dad sell aluminum siding? - No,
he's the president of Tic Tac Tiles. Why?
This car sort of reminds
me of my granddad's.
- ####[Jazz Instrumental]
- Hmm.
So how come you asked me out?
You went out with Cindy.
She is Cindy Mancini.
[Laughs] You can't argue with that logic.
- Come on, Cathy. Let's take it back
to my place. - [Horn Honking]
[Video Games Beeping]
Hey, look, there's Ronald
in his dad's Chrysler.
Good evening, gentlemen.
[Boy With Glasses] I...
I love station wagons.
You may like it, but once
the Cools see that car...
- they're gonna remember who he is.
- Yeah!
This is an interesting mode of
transport. Sort of, uh, antiquated, like.
Yeah, I call it my, um, undercover car.
Oh, you snake. Don't be shifty
with the boys. This car's perfect.
Complete with plush blanket.
That's strategy, my man. All right.
- What'd ya say?
- [BigJohn] This ain't just a car, man.
This is an unleaded love machine.
Yeah, unleaded. [Laughs]
Bet you could make some, uh,
sweet sweat back there, huh, Barb?
- Hey, no complaints outta me.
- [Laughs]
Yeah, those Jocks sure have
great taste in cars, huh?
- Shut up, Lester.
- You shut up.
[Kenneth] I just don't get it.
- I propose we look for a new fourth.
- Guess so.
[Ronald] Uh-oh. I knowthat look.
- Oh!
- Okay, now, hold your Fire.
Big John, nobody's into toxicwaste.
[Laughs] Right there.
Perfect. [Laughs]
- [Laughing]
- Gross!
You guys are so into bodily functions!
I mean, it's not like
that takes any skill.
Oh, I don't know. For
him, it's like an art form.
- Oh, that's a real pleasant thought,
Ronnie. - Oh, come on. We're guys.
Oh, yo, Pats, keep an eye on my guy.
I gotta hit the little girl's room.
All right. Hurry up.
- Guess what.
- What?
You're taking me to the
Columbus Day Dance on the 16th.
- I am?
- Yep.
Well, what about Barbara? I
thought she was your best friend.
Well, she is. But, I mean, you know.
Friends share their stuff with
friends. You know what I mean?
- Sure, friend. No problem.
- [Sighs]
I bet you're a really sexy dancer.
Oh, yes, you won that wager. I have
moves that defy the laws of gravity.
Ooh, I'll bet you do.
I'll see you later, okay?
[Sighs, Mutters]
[Sighs] Dancer.
Moves. Shit. [Sighs]
So... how was he?
Hmph. Wouldn't you like to know?
Don't worry. I will.
[Patty's Voice] I bet
you're a really sexy dancer.
- [Man Grunting, Groaning]
- [Crowd Jeering]
Oh, come on. Watch this.
I bet he'll kick him.
- One. -
[Chuckie] Mm-hmm.
Chuck? Chuck, I need
the TV for a few minutes.
- No. -Oh, Chuck, I Just need to
see the end of American Bandstand.
No. [Laughs]
Please, Chuck, I'm beggin' ya.
What we have here is something I Just
learned called the law of supply and demand.
I shall supply you this remote control,
but I'm going to demand, say, uh,
Любовь нельзя купить Любовь нельзя купить

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