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broke your word.
Get rid of this bitch!
Please don't kill him.
Why are you crying?
I'm his wife.
And he is my husband.
You mean this bastard is married?
- Yes.
We're going to Moscow
for our honeymoon.
And to have our baby.
A boy? - A boy.
Did you have a scan?
Yes, everything.
Grandma Aziza, Tursunali,
and everyone, all say it'll be a boy.
Open the door!
Let God decide.
Pull the emergency brake!
Doctor, your shoe.
What's wrong, beautiful?
Did you get scared?
No need.
I'm still alive.
It's not that easy to kill me.
I'm good at playing cards,
and the idiots
want me to pay them.
By the way, you saved my life.
You took my blood.
When is the train?
- The next one?
I don't know.
Do you have a ticket?
Little boy, little boy.
Be patient. Don't come out yet.
There's nothing here. It's a desert.
People will say,
you were premature,
born under a bush.
Clever boy!
Do it like all children in a hospital,
with mama in clean sheets,
surrounded by doctors in
snow-white coats,
in the city.
Father will be waiting outside
pacing nervously...
He doesn't have a father.
- He'll have one.
I'm his father.
I'll be his father.
Why did you stop before Far-Khor?
- I owe money there.
Is this a dream?
No, it's not.
- Mama fell in love with Alik.
She whispers to me:
"I'm pure now and I'm
no longer afraid".
We have a papa.
Well, mother, he's not the one...
It's Alik from Bukhara.
May I introduce,
the doctor.
He saved me,
and he'll make everything okay.
Shall we go?
Let's go.
Let's go.
Don't worry. I told you
I'll take care of everything.
You haven't met my father yet.
I found him.
Who is he?
The actor.
Salaam aleikum.
You'll pay me back for the petrol.
Far-Khor - Samarkand, Far-Khor
- Bukhara, Far-Khor - Tashkent.
Get up!
Why didn't you come yourself?
I like you, son.
Give him some food.
You have to excuse this old man.
I haven't slept
for the last seven months.
You should quit
this acting business.
I quit.
Do you snore?
I used to.
Go then!
You shouldn't run like that.
- That's my brother.
Fly! Fly away!
You have a bastard in your belly.
I'll take you apart.
Let me go! Alik!
Piss off!
Let her go!
It was so dark.
I found him.
That's him.
- Who?
My brother.
See the aeroplane?
No time.
He'll come back.
Thank you.
Come again.
What's up?
- Will you really marry me?
I promised and I stick to my word.
You probably say that to all the girls,
but I'm a pregnant woman.
I always liked pregnant women
and now I found one.
I don't believe you.
You haven't even proposed properly.
Clever girl.
What happened to him?
- Electric shock.
Don't cry! He'll be fine.
There's still some electricity in him.
We have to bury him.
Please go! Please go!
Everything is fine.
You just got electrocuted.
Everything will be okay.
What's your name?
You are Alik. Do you remember?
Why did you climb up there?
I wanted
to pick a flower and to offer
you my hand and my heart.
It's so easy to pick a flower.
I really want to marry you.
I want to live a long life with you
and have many children.
And where will our big family live?
I have no home.
- Why not?
Ever since my father disappeared,
I've been on my own.
My mother died when I was born.
Is that so? Come here.
Don't cry.
Everything will be fine. Okay?
Bad... Mamlakat...
wedding... afterwards.
You see,
I love her.
Just as you
can't live without the sun,
I can't live without her.
You understand?
I'm going to her, okay?
No, we can't.
You mustn't...
- Play cards again.
No, you shouldn't...
- Steal either.
No, we mustn't...
- Wake your father.
Your father will have to mend it.
My boy,
you've got much smarter.
Who are you bombing?
- Much evil!
Your sister is getting married today.
- So what?
I'm fed up.
Why do you always
have to


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