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What's your name? Come here!
Give this to your father. Tell him
thank you from the Red Cross.
What for?
- Go!
Get moving!
Thank you, doctor.
Good, keep pushing!
Keep the tail-wheel straight!
Abu, you're in charge!
What happened? - We've run
out of petrol. Do you have any?
Yes, one canister.
Don't you sing in the 'Fruit
and Vegetable' Ensemble?
The 'Harvest' Ensemble.
Wrap your scarf around your neck.
You may catch a cold
and lose your voice.
Who's screaming?
A woman is having a baby.
- A baby?
It's been a crazy day...
- Actor!
No, he's the pilot.
- I'm a pilot.
Here's the petrol.
He's a little...
Dump it in!
Everybody into the plane!
We're taking off.
Welcome, come in.
You can't just walk in.
You need a ticket or an invitation.
We are sold out.
There's nothing I can do.
I need to see a ticket
or an invitation.
Is Oripov performing tonight?
- Yes, he is.
And I need a ticket?
- Either a ticket or an invitation.
If life is precious to you, Oedipus,
I beseech you, do not ask!
My suffering is enough.
Be brave!
I beg you, please!
It was predicted that you, Oedipus,
will kill your father.
Oh, gods!
Oh, light!
This is the last time that I will
see you. Born in damnation,
I'm damned in marriage,
innocent blood is on my hands.
Piggy ears!
- Piggy ears!
Who said that?
Who said 'piggy ears'?
Come down on stage!
I'll show you, motherfucker!
Take him away!
Oh, woe is me!
Was that him?
With the makeup and powder?
Was that him?
King Oedipus?
In our list he's called Javadov.
No, he's...
He's like a woman.
I wouldn't want you
to have a husband like him.
Where is it? Let's go!
- Bad. I'm sorry.
What room number is this?
- And what did I tell you?
Get out of here! Idiots!
You can't do anything right.
You half killed them.
Terribly sorry.
Good night.
Are you hurt?
Will you go into labour
soon, sweetheart?
Nasreddin has no medicine.
You have no husband. Disaster.
Good thing
that rabbits keep multiplying
and multiplying.
Wake up.
Stop tickling me.
Do you want to see your mama?
That's the third window
they've broken.
Customers have stopped coming.
My father scolds.
We have no money.
Feel it!
We have to sell the tea house!
We've been going round theatres
but can't find him.
Nasreddin is getting much better.
Mama, it's a shame you
are not with us.
You would look at me...
and be so happy.
There's much work to do,
the fish,
the rabbits...
But nobody will buy them.
It's my fault.
It's my fault.
Please forgive me.
It hurts me.
But it's even worse for mama.
I'd take all the blame if it
would make things easier for her.
Did you swallow a watermelon?
Watermelon, watermelon...
How's the little tart
who does it with everyone?
Let's go!
My dear daughter.
Get out of the way!
Old witch!
I'll show you!
in town they say...
- So they talk.
In town they say...
Safar Bekmuradov's
daughter is a prostitute.
Whatever they say,
the child should be born.
Do you hear me?
We just have to find the father.
He's got to be somewhere.
But where?
How do you recognise an actor?
The singer Ali Khamrayev.
He is the fourth on the list.
Here they are.
Here they are, Abu!
We'll crash.
I can't see anything.
This is the fifth one.
Want one more?
Where were you?
Mamlakat, this is the fourth one.
Is it him?
Salaam aleikum.
That's the famous
singer Ali Khamrayev.
Don't you ever watch television?
- Papa?
Who did you catch?
Khamrayev. - See?
You don't watch television.
You don't appreciate art.
Get out of my house!
Good bye.
We'll miss you.
Where is number six?
You stinking rats!
I'll get you, you lousy bastards!
What are you doing to the doctor?
Stop! What are you doing?
It's not the money. We warned you!

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