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not in doubt.
But biological rights ...
I was born on Earth,
from the earthlings.
And nobody is allowed
to call me non-human.
I'm sorry for you,
Moon Dave.
But still who we are ?
We're humans, Dave.
And I believe,
that we're knowable.
Yes, probably
not right now.
And of course not in labs.
And not in the special
quarantine zones.
We're retired too early.
We ought to return
to space.
We can be useful,
very useful.
I am not sure at all,
that it's just that very time,
when our generation will
comprehend all the influence of the
extraterrestrial upon human beings.
But I think that our
experience will help at
least those who'll follow us.
will help to approach
the absolute truth.
They will comprehend what we
consider the mystery now.

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