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our space forces.
You know, I'd feel shy to
call it a light exploring.
We can't call it
a light one,
if keeping in mind what
we were talking about --
and what we were
not talking about.
Listen, conditions of
the special quarantine zone
are changing fast.
2 years ago have you heard
anything about zones of
absolute alienation ?
Our old poster slogan
"Caution does not cause damages"
we've converted to --
super slogan "Caution
multiplied by a caution"
This became a principle
of our attitude to
extraterrestrial space.
You did it all right.
Yes, right.
But this is an obvious
sign of weakness.
It is defense.
We are starting
a defense, Martin.
Today - glass walls, super isolation
cells, and what tomorrow ?
That's it.
And you are trying
to model space unexpectedness
on the testing area.
"All the participants of "Black mark"
campaign: please get together --
at Designer's Hall of The Operational
Investigations Department.
"I repeat..."
It's for me,
excuse me.
Tell me - is "Black mark"
so dangerous ?
I don't know, Martin.
I'm afraid that...
Thanks for the coffee.
Yesterday, after we've
received your request --
we have cleared out
something too.
The third person appeared.
Edward Yonghe.
Cooper, please show
the photo on the screen.
This former space commando
has refused flatly to talk
with our Space Security Service.
Hust, tell us how your talk
with Yonghe has ended up ?
Hust, I am asking you.
After I have mentioned
"black marks" --
Yonghe silently has pushed
me down the stairs.
And why not vice versa ?
I'm afraid, Hust, that if
you continue your work
in such a way --
your career will be consisted
mainly of those "down stairs".
Sit down, Hust.
And now I have
a surprise for you.
Guess what is it ?
- Well, this is usual wood.
- You're right, the usual wood.
Biological expertise verified:
usual tree, nutwood.
Without any changes
in microstructure.
But this nutwood for some
reason works as a TV set.
- What ?
- Yes, and it works selectively.
Receives only kid programs.
And who is the inventor
of this device ?
The inventor is a former
space commando, he's now
a respectable retired man.
His service record is not
very different from ones
of Kizimov, Lourais and Yonghe.
David Norton,
the fourth person.
Interesting that David Norton
is a close relative of
one of my employees.
Right, Poling ?
You're completely
So it is true, that David Norton
is married to Silvia Norton ?
Your own sister,
born Poling.
Good afternoon, kids.
You know me ?
Of course you know.
Today I will narrate you
a very interesting fairy tale.
So listen to me
very very intently.
So, we have four of them.
Norton, Kizimov,
Yonghe, Lourais.
Who are they ?
They are fellow-sufferers ?
People mutilated
by space ?
Are they safe for our planet ?
Or potentially dangerous ?
Here we've faced such
a phenomenon as mutation
of natural qualities of human.
If keeping in mind, that
this phenomenon has happened
to four people at one time--
then this could happen
only during the expedition
in "Moon Rainbow".
Yes, the expedition in "Moon
Rainbow" to the Uranus system.
At that time those four
were included in a rank
of 13 commandos --
which landed on Oberon.
There was a catastrophe,
a huge area of surface --
collapsed and fallen deep
into planetoid and a strange
greeny luminescence occurred --
the nature of which
is not yet clarified.
So, the catastrophe had
happened, in result of which --
4 survivors then acquired
phenomenal qualities.
Bravo, Nikolsky!
This could be accepted
as a working hypothesis.
Young people, now you're
doing things which
you should do much earlier !
- But...
- I'm not saying that
your Security Service --
should be interested in this
strange four, right after a
catastrophe has happened.
But after a report of commission
of Yuhanssen, which specialized
on investigation of causes ...

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